Dancing with my Horses

The Mystic World of Horses


Come dance & celebrate with us

With the arrival of Aramis, a new dimension has opened in our world. I would like to share what the horses George, Rosie and Aramis have taught me so that you can feel this and take it with you when you go out and connect with your animal friends: "We, the animals,...

Aramis - Rosie - George

A new journey

With Aramis coming into my herd (read about the miraculous story of Aramis coming into my life) the opportunity of riding is right in front of my face. I had given up on the idea of riding George since he had his accidents. I felt it was not right for me as a...

Aramis just arrived

Energetic Leadership

What is energetic leadership? Does one have it all the time, can you loose it and if yes, can you gain it back? We are looking at these questions and providing an approach. Consciously you are hoping you will have a great time doing things with your horse....


Finding another solution

Today I found myself in a new situation with my good friend George, my teacher par excellence. The weather has turned cold and rainy and he had his rug on for the first time this season and I had also changed the routine on how I feed them. So this morning I wanted...


Magic moments

Thousands have written about it, everybody wants it ... how do you get it? Just this morning I decided to put a halter on George (he does not need it) and take him with me to collect Rosie. I too had a halter for her, I wanted to do a little walk with both of them...



Right at the beginning of my journey with my horse George, I still was very much afraid of him. So I would prepare his food and watch him in the paddock and when he was the furthest away, I would quickly sneak in, put his food down and leave again. After a while I...


Essentials of a true connection – Joy!

I was privy to capture moments of an interaction between human and horse that developed into pure joy and happiness. Watch the slideshow closely and see how the energy of the human changes and horse follows suit. Watch the legs become synchronised between the two,...


A cloudy day

My dear George has produced another accident, a massive one again. This time I was at home but only got alerted to the fact that something is wrong because Rosie was calling out. I found this very unusual and so I left my work to go outside to check. I found George...

George crowned with feathers

No Force at All!!!

"In your own life and in your own creations there is no need for force. Now, it’s going to seem odd at first because you are so ingrained with the concept that if you want to create something, you have to gear up your internal machinery, whether it’s your mind, or...