by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

A new journey

Aramis just arrived

With Aramis coming into my herd (read about the miraculous story of Aramis coming into my life) the opportunity of riding is right in front of my face. I had given up on the idea of riding George since he had his accidents. I felt it was not right for me as a novice rider, slightly on the heavy side to put this onto George and his injured front legs. I was just as happy to just have my horses and be with them.

I however felt it might be a great idea in preparation to ride George take some riding lessons. I had a very different idea about how to do riding lessons and I found an older Lipizaner stallion and his owner who promised to give me the freedom to experiment. I did not want to be able to walk, trott or canter as quickly as I could get there, no, what I wanted is to connect to the horse and move through communication and feeling.

God bless the riding teacher, she just wanted so much to give me as much as she could and tried to teach me the usual way, it just took her over. So I could not really find the peace and quiet to persue my ideas until now.

Perceiving each other, connecting, following a feel

George taught me how to connect. He relentlessly reflected me back to myself. He also sent me pictures and feelings when he needed to communicate something. In order to be successful in connecting the human being has to find a state of openess, peace and receptivity within himself. Then a communication can happen – two ways, both ways. When combined with fluidity we start to dance with each other. 

I feel this extends to the riding as well. Apreeto has had owners that too put an emphasis on the feel of riding. Even though he has had the full training (God bless, he can teach me), his dignity and independence were an appreciated part in the interaction.

Pondering about how to proceed with Apreeto another gift has fallen into my laps in form of the following blog post. I adore the grandness of Paulette to be completely open about her progress with Expresso. Particularly now that I feel the pressure of my environment to “get on with the riding … finally that I have the horse to do it with”, Paulette’s post allowed me to move back into my seniority to say: “The riding I want to experience provides wings to the horse as well as the rider, nothing else is satisfactory to me.”

Vulnerability is needed – a blog post by Paulette Evans (Ribbleton Warmbloods)

Paulette on Expresso

“People perceive it as a weakness, but new research reveals it’s the master key to an extraordinary life.” Social Scientist Brene Brown.

I feel so moved by what happened today with Expresso and I have been contemplating all day if I will share my feelings in a blog or not. As my mind mulled over what took place this morning the overwhelming word that kept coming to my mind was “vulnerable”. What took place this morning was so beautiful and moving and it came from a place of vulnerability.

Vulnerability carries a negative connotation. Perhaps this is because we use the term vulnerability to describe a flaw or weakness. While we may be risk averse because it helps us survive, vulnerability offers a space for connection and growth.

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