Dancing with my Horses

The George Experience

  • Would you like to experience yourself in a new way?
  • Looking to change some of your old patterns?
  • Curious what your meeting with Aramis or / and Rosie could bring up about you?

Then you really would like to have a session called “The George Experience”.

Petra Webstein facilitates the encounter between you and the horses and gently guides you in your desired direction. She helps you understand what the horses are reflecting back to you which in turn so often brings about a big “Aaaaahhh experience”.

Please note: George has left us to go over the rainbow bridge, not before he even gave me one of the most beautiful insights to be had.

His spirit is continuing to journey with all of us. As a matter of fact he is always present in each session and therefore the true facilitator or your session.

The physical sessions I continue under the guidance and wisdom of Aramis and Rosie.