Dancing with my Horses

The Mystic World of Horses


Finely woven threads of communication

While many of us are very aware of that energy (our energy) can influences the energy of the animals around us, diving deeper into a practise of awareness allows us to find these threads of communication with our animals and what you get is so much more than you...

White horse and energy channel

Boundaries and a Sense of Well Being

For me, horses are the best reflectors of my energy, my intentions and my needs in my world, they know well-being intimately and it feels like that this is all they are ever striving for. A big part of defining their well-being is defining their physical space...

Horse herd on green grass field

A little girl with a big heart

I had visitors and they brought along a little three year old girl who I have never met before. It was a social visit, sort of for coffee and cake and just to hang out. As we enjoyed the beautiful sun on the verandah, George came to see what was going on. My horses...


Does the inside match the outside?

How are you doing when you are with your horse? Are you aware of how you are feeling? - Calm, happy and joyful? - Slightly irritated because of how your day went so far? - Sad because you are occupied with something that occupies you at the moment? - Stressed,...


Blessed are the ones you touched…

Life started to make sense and come together for me with you being there guiding me each step. You were the one who was able to pull my inside out of me, putting me back onto this earth plane, bringing my feet firmly to the ground and find that joy that so...

George Lawrence Webstein

Deepening energetic connections

Animals, especially those who are human pets, have a great capacity to relate at heart level. They are here to serve and love unconditionally. If you approach it from your heart to their heart, you establish that relationship at the heart level. You can do this for...

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