by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

A little girl with a big heart

George crowned with feathers

I had visitors and they brought along a little three year old girl who I have never met before. It was a social visit, sort of for coffee and cake and just to hang out.

As we enjoyed the beautiful sun on the verandah, George came to see what was going on. My horses have free access to come right up to the house and the only thing that stops them from coming onto the verandah is that the verandah is about 60cm above ground level.

I noticed straight from the beginning how different this little girl was. She was so very clear within herself. She was so absolutely in the presence and she was also acutely aware of her environment, not that she was aware in the sense of being alert, no she just was aware. 

When George came to the verandah, all he looked at was this little girl. He followed her with his eyes as she was skipping and running and bending over, whatever she did, she had his full attention. As she saw him approach (she never saw a horse in her life before) she shouted out: “Oooooooooooh, look, how big he is!” And right in that moment she integrated her experience and there was not a second of intimidation on her side.

I gave her a piece of carrot to feed it to George, briefly explained to her that he can eat it best from her hand, that was so tiniy that the carrot took up most of the space, to make the hand really flat while giving the carrot to him. She was so attentive to my instructions that she immediately got it and woops the hand stretched out and the carrot disappeared in George’s mouth.

She squield of exitment, so I gave her another piece which she fed to him. Then there was the third piece but this time her hand was curled up as she fed it and her fingers went right into George’s mouth. I know how gentle and soft George takes the carrots of anybody’s hand but her fingers must have made contact not just with the soft tissue in the mouth but also with the teeth which I am sure George would not have closed to grab the carrot but used this tongue to do so. Her expression of this situation was: “Wow, this is very interesting how the inside of his mouth feels!” And as she said that one could see that she integrated her new experience with an attitude of wonderment and joy.

Again, there was not even a fraction of fear from her side. It was just a new experience to her, so pure and clear was this little girl. She then went on to pet George on his face and looking at every detail of him, taking him all in. 

I could tell that she made a real connection to him without any attachments. She then asked her mum is she would come with her for a little walk around the property down to the shelter. The mum took her hand and they stepped off the verandah. George turned around and followed the little girl with his nose close to her shoulder but staying behind her all the time. He turned with her every movement as swiftly as she did, staying absolutely glued to her until they were right back at the verandah.

They were a joy and delight to watch. Later on during this visit, this little girl gave me more demonstrations of her sovereignty and it became absolutey clear to me why my horse so absolutely feel in love with her in an instant. She was in touch with everything within herself and around herself, holding an awareness that is rarely seen. This was a little body with a sovereign master in it. There was no babyness in her but sheer radiance. A true standard. She will touch a lot of humans throughout her life and induce change without even trying to do so.

I feel blessed to have met her.