Hello! I am Petra

This is my journey through the mystical world of horses. They are assisting me to explore subtle energies, leading me through reflection back to myself and helping me to discover more of who I truly am.

They ask me to be true, pure & authentic in gestures and intentions.

They are pointing the way to a happier, healthier and smoother way of life. 

Their innate ability to reflect energies back are making them tangible and accessible for me to expand my awareness.

Expanding my consciousness & awareness leads to freedom to play in connected & creative ways beyond the mind’s universe.

The horses are an essential part of this journey and I am forever grateful that they returned back into my life.

I can see a new world unfolding.

Random Quote

Freedom is not going away from something. Freedom is being responsible of your own reality. Freedom is when you have the power to decide for yourself, not the power to escape from other realities.

— Unknown author