Dancing with my Horses

Humans and horses who have influenced my world

George playing with Petra

GeorgeThe inventor of “The George Experience”

And it all started – with a horse – of course. For me it was George, a horse who came into my life through my daughter. He was her horse. And he lived on our property.

I was at the same time terrified of horses as well as fascinated by them. You would never see me going into a paddock but you would find me watching them for hours from safety.

Slowly by watching George I discovered an invisible thread that was between us. He seemed to read my thoughts and emotions / feelings and he was executing them.

He then started to talk to me, directing my attention to things that needed help – in short – he taught me animal communication. However, I still was physically afraid of him and stayed out of the paddock.

My extensive knowledge of natural and vibrational medicines coupled with the ability to talk to George and receive answers were a great asset to my daughters everyday life with him.

When she decided to sell George, I bought him without thinking and first had him put together in a herd of many horses roaming 100 acres.

This was the start of my journey with my horses.

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

George was safely placed and my life took a turn. I sold everything and bought a Landcruiser Troopcarrier and travelled extensively throughout Australia for almost 3 years.

I was free to go and do anything I liked, I pondered returning to Europe, my origins. I decided to look into my terror and fascination called horses. George was waiting for me to return.

I looked into many horsemanship skills, I just had this fixed idea that I want to do it differently. Through energy and communication as George has shown me before. I felt this could become a solid path that we both could walk together, both keeping our dignity and joy.

Nothing was shaping up to be even close to my idea and that was fine, as I decided I just have to do it my way. For that I knew I had to put myself on the same property with George because if he is “only” agisted, I would find hundreds of excuses to get around the difficult tasks. Decision was made, I found Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling in 2008.

I spent one month in Denmark / Europe training with Klaus and then I was so fascinated by what I saw that I decided I wanted to bring Klaus and his knowledge to Australia. I became Klaus’s Australian representative for 2 years and opened Australia’s eyes to his teachings.