Dancing with my Horses

Aramis – Majestic, friendly, curious Andalusian

Welcome Aramis, an Andalusian horse, the lastest member of our Dancing with my Horses family.

Aramis travelled 5500km from the east coast of Australia to the west.

I had a dream 2 years ago where I was riding George on a early morning as I noticed that I had company. I turned to my left and saw a grey magnificient horse with a rider next to me. I knew this horse belonged to me. The dream was vivid and full of life and I never forgot it. However, I also never attempted to fulfill it either until ….

one day I received this email from a couple I met through the work I did for Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling here in Australia. I had visited them many years back on their property and enjoyed a day with them and their Andalusian horses. They wanted Aramis to become mine and find a new home with me.

The grey horse I have been dreaming of, came into my life, just like this. Amazing. Aramis was profiled by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and he is a King and a Pilgrim, a horse that is like an oak and needs a big storm to uproot him as Klaus described him.

I was very surprised how well he travelled and stepping out of the truck he showed his majestic energy coupled with a curiosity for his new environment. He walked on a steady feet into his new home paddock to put down his head and eat.

It became very clear, very quickly that he likes people, he likes to interact and does this is a very respectful way. Having had him now for only a couple of days I realised how much I was taught by George about horses, their needs and desires and how to connect to them and I feel a deep gratitude for my jewel George.

Aramis’s energy teaches us about dignity, certainty and command all on walks of life. He asks us to embrace the “I am that I am” within us. What a wonderful new friend has just entered our lives.