by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Deepening energetic connections

George Lawrence Webstein

Animals, especially those who are human pets, have a great capacity to relate at heart level. They are here to serve and love unconditionally. If you approach it from your heart to their heart, you establish that relationship at the heart level. You can do this for exampe by physically touching them and just resting your hands on them and allowing on giving love to them and then receiving it back.

Be very open, listen and notice what you perceive. This is how you start building that coherence between you and the animal whether it be a horse, a dog or a cat. But the human touch is very much a part of this connection.

Animals are very geared to the way you move your body, they way you hold your stance, whether you are in command of the environment. When you are in command of that environment, you are in command in that love where the animal relaxes and meets you in that energetic.

You can also visualise with your mind and send that visualisation in pictures to the animal. And then wait and listen and allow yourself to perceive what they are sending back to you. This will take some practice because that is all at that etheric level. It is not tangible but you will see immediate results.

Animals are very receptive to this. Understand however, some of them, specially the smaller ones can not take great influxes of light energy that you are both holding and transmitting because their field, even though it is filled with love, doesn’t have the capacity to navigate in that vast amount of light, so sometimes if they get antsy or get agitated, then you need to back your energy back a little bit, dial it down to where they are more comfortable. All of this takes your attention but they will always respond to the love that you are transmitting through your heart centre.

When you visualise that animal performing and enjoying its life, visualise it very physically. They don’t have a great capacity to process thoughts. It is too complex, you have to make it very simple. Physically visualise and feel it, where you see it in the case of the horse maybe romping in the pasture in great joy or enjoying a ride with you in the countryside both of you being happy and joyful together.

Animals are such great teachers to help you expand into your mastership of yourself. All this above takes awareness, balance and open heartedness and we certainly are not always moving around in this energetic. Are you able to put this together before you go and see your animal friend? That’s where the magic starts.

Petra Webstein in conversation with Metatron