by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Finely woven threads of communication

White horse and energy channel

While many of us are very aware of that energy (our energy) can influences the energy of the animals around us, diving deeper into a practise of awareness allows us to find these threads of communication with our animals and what you get is so much more than you ever wished or hoped for.

Many people are coming to experience a “true connection” during “The George Experience” session. There is a craving for intimateness (some express it as love), a longing for togetherness with such a dignified being as the horse is.

They want to use the sense of touch, reaching out to the horse, wanting to touch, feel and / or cuddle the horse. If the horse is being pretty free in the way it lives, it will not be receiving this offer very happily. 

For the horse the sense of touch is a more of a meek way of connecting with another living being. A physical touch has a meaning such as grooming etc. Horses live in a different realm and they can be reached in a space that we human hardly ever visit. They live amongst each other more without touching each other moving along each other much like a flock of birds do moving in unison through space and time.

Horses live in another bandwidth of higher frequencies than most of humans do, so to really and truly reach them we need to cross over from the world of words, information and / or facts into the space where these things as such do not exist.

It is the space of feeling, the space of your heart, a pure untainted energy not a lovey “dovey sugary energy” that makes you feel missing something.

It is a dynamic that is very humbling, you are being embraced by a deeper current of mystery that is running through the universe that is essentially unknown. This is a pure love, a meeting with yourself you never had before.

It comes from a space of deep silence, timeless, spaceless and reverberating an energy of being, sensing the presence of the horse and being invited into the space of graciousness, generosity, strength and power of a quality that is rarely experienced in our world as it exists today. It is purity and connection, no agenda, you are not going anywhere, you only feel what there is in this moment. There is nothing you have to do to be part of it.

Then you are being shown your own greatness, expansiveness and purity by the horse reflecting that back to you. 

Let one of my horses help you attune yourself to the strong, clear and wise being you came here to be