by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

External resistance is always based on internal resistance

Petra Webstein - Founder of Dancing with my Horses

When it come to horses, resistance is something that goes hand in hand with being with horses. We all know these situations and we have various “tricks” to overcome them, more or less successful.

How do you face this moment? Just for a moment, go back to the last time you have experienced this with your horse. Feel deeply into your body and see if you find an energy that matches exactly what your horse displays to you?

If you just recognised that, do you know that you opened a huge door to a new way of communicating with your horse? It is a path of mastership … a path to yourself guided by the horse right on your side.

So if we assume that is correct, and you need to find this out for yourself, you will have to experience that in order to deeply integrate and understand it, if that is all true, is it fair to say that whatever the horse does, no matter how unpleasing it is to you, your horse actually gives you a pointer to where to look within yourself.

You have your own master teacher right at your own doorstep. Can you embrace this possibility?

PS: Please note that your horse also simply could say no because the time is just not right for something.