by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Blessed are the ones you touched…

George Lawrence Webstein

Life started to make sense and come together for me with you being there guiding me each step. You were the one who was able to pull my inside out of me, putting me back onto this earth plane, bringing my feet firmly to the ground and find that joy that so preciously sits in each heart.

You were the one to put me into situations where only the gut feeling counted and brought resolution in miraculous ways. You were the one who brought me back to myself, not in a kitschy type of way, no, in a very aware now time and clear energy. No prepared or preplanned actions only emerging out of the present moment. Every day a bit more …

With everything that you taught me, one thing remains to me: The compass in my heart that you showed me, still speaks your language. I promise you that it will never be silenced or buried anymore.

I still need your wise advise & encouragement and if I do, I close my eyes and you push me with your nose in the direction of courage, clarity and seniority. Thank you now and forever for every shove when I needed it.

Thank you for waking me up as I sleepwalked through my life. 

Thank you for 22 years of happiness with you in my life. 

I first met you 22 years ago at the end of a rainbow. Literally. You came into my life as my daughter’s horse, I did not realise then that you started to teach me right from that moment onwards.

I was taken by your sheer magnificence, presence and dignity, your unwavering desire to make unseen things known to people although at the same time I was utterly in fear of your physical presence.