by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Boundaries and a Sense of Well Being

Horse herd on green grass field

For me, horses are the best reflectors of my energy, my intentions and my needs in my world, they know well-being intimately and it feels like that this is all they are ever striving for.

A big part of defining their well-being is defining their physical space while they are flowing within their herd. They do that by saying no to each other. When they are saying no, their whole being is vibrating NO without hard jarring energy edges attached to it. Their actions are clear, concise and unapologetically themselves. Conflicts are resolved quickly and life returns to a peaceful silence just like it was before. The air is cleared.

Upon reflection on myself I find that when I say no, it is often not such a definite, unshakeable no. Why? Because there is a sense of guilt, a judgment of myself, a fear of being rejected by others … and so my energy field is split and my “no” has question marks which are felt and recognised by my horses as holes in my energy field. And this is where they might decide to walk into or through me – physically or simply mentally ignore me, I am non existent.

So how do we know where our boundaries are and how do we naturally allow them?

I don’t just talk about horses here, it works for horses (or other animals) and people alike. It needs awareness and practice. 

We all get a feeling about someone in the first 2 seconds we first meet them. This is a faculty that we all have given by nature. Unfortunately, we do not pay much attention to our body registering these sensations that are happening right in that moment. We are busy and engage with looks, sounds, smells or are still thinking about where we came from or what we are going to do. We are outside, behind or ahead ourselves and never in the present time registering.

Horses do pay attention and register anything at any given time. They live in present time. They already know how we are feeling today and this is what they will come to reflect back to us. A little caveat here, not all horses will do that as some of them are trained to react to certain clues rather than being attuned to their own wisdom. As I write this I realise … it is the same with people … responding to conditioning rather than to their sensory system through awareness.

Saying no is defining boundaries, it is saying this is where I stop and where you start. This is the space I need to thrive, to be able to respect other beings, so that I can fully function to contribute to my community, feeding the sense of self and my own strength. It has nothing to do with pushing some being away and it has everything to do with respecting, seeing and loving the other being in its full glory.

This kind of boundary setting in horses is happening all the time, it can be at times extremely fierce. You might think it comes from anger and it is none of that. It is such a roar of energy emerging that it reverberates with a different quality, a really primal one. It is extremely true and powerful.

Limiting your energies

Horses unlike people are never limiting their energies (I am talking about horses who have their spirits intact) to not intimidate others. Life’s dynamic movement in all forms and shapes belongs to nature, to the body. Their energy field is flowing strongly and vigorously, emerging from a completely different energy. It moves according to nature’s principle which is purity and integrity.

It almost feels like that a cast iron energy presence develops that sets the physical boundaries firmly and easily.

It is your firm anchored truth that you are. You are what you are and this is authentic and true and acknowledged by nature (including your horses). It is a NO that certainly does not carry even any sliver of a yes. That makes the energy precise, solid and clear.

Boundaries are actions in truthful alignment with what is inside you. 

When you really assert the correct boundary you feel stronger. There also is a sense of vulnerability as you cannot stay hidden any longer.

With practice you will say no so easily, so clearly and even so lightly and it releases the most colossal set of forces where at first it might appear to cause a great deal of trouble. Curiously you will feel slightly shaken but even stronger. That is the sign.


Let one of my horses help you attune yourself to the strong, clear and wise being you came here to be