Dancing with my Horses

The Mystic World of Horses


The Connection to a Horse

The component of the spirit, which forms the basis of all life and ties everything to each other, much like the mortar makes the house possible, is a very strong building block in the connection to a horse. It is the ground work for everything to come thereafter...


Take a deep breath

A little story with a profound truth. George had injured his knee and part of the daily routine was that I would wash the wound to keep it clean. I had a friend with me who was never in contact with horses before but was quite fond of my horses and had spent time,...


She teaches me feeling

oh yes, she does. Rosie is a small shetland pony. She came to me when she was around 11 years of age. I simply wanted a paddock friend for George, I did not want another "big" horse, no just something easy and self sufficient really. Rosie was given to me. The lady...


Soul development

I often get my best inspirations when I just quietly sit with my horses, doing nothing, just enjoying their company and nature. Here is one of my revelations that I find quite profound for myself and I would like to share it with you. Here are my ponderings: All my...


What does it take for you?

A message from George put into words by Petra Webstein: "I am just pacing. I am worried about something and to help releasing that tension within me, I need to pace and run! Don't try to stop or manipulate me, so you can feel better! I am out of here, get out of my...


An immeasurable gift

I was invited to a lady’s luncheon and I loved the ladies that would be there and the interaction with them but on this day there was an uncomfortable feeling in the air. I could not make it out. When I locked the house to leave, I noticed George and Rosie standing...