by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

She teaches me feeling

George crowned with feathers

oh yes, she does.

Rosie is a small shetland pony. She came to me when she was around 11 years of age. I simply wanted a paddock friend for George, I did not want another “big” horse, no just something easy and self sufficient really.

Rosie was given to me. The lady who gave her to me was very honest to me about Rosie. She said that she was rescued and she wanted to integrate her into her herd of miniatures. But Rosie beat them all up, even the stallion. Rosie was tough, she knew how to fight with whatever she had. Eventually the lady put her together with her thoroughbred and Rosie was content.

I saw Rosie, the scruffy, tough miniature pony that does not like to be touched. Instantly I knew I would have her. I also knew that we would have a way to go with each other and that some of the physical symptons she had would come to full swing in order to heal.

This is how I got a biting and double barreling fighter of a pony. George had a quick understanding of her, he knew instantly how to approach her.

Rosie taught me how to be gentle, to understand how to approach her, so that she does not need to engage her tough shell. She taught me how to get to her level in every way, physically and mentally. She is like a beautiful butterfly, very innocent inside, very alert and open and extremely willing to engage on the feeling level. She does not compromise.

To engage with Rosie you have to be willing to approach gently, observing the signs she gives you and only approach when she signals that she is now ready and open to it. She asks you to be very clear, to stay within your own boundaries, to keep your emotions away from her (she is so cute, the first reaction people experience is to be cuddling and hugging her) and approach in openess and a sort of childlike curiosity, always relating to her. The hand has to approach gently and slowly and the touch needs to be fine and light. When patting her, one has to be aware of their hand and being deeply settled within themself, in utter awareness of what is going on inside oneself.

And then it happens, you feel her accepting your presence, opening up to you so fully. The feeling one experiences is of utter sweetness and the world around you dissolves. Rosie starts to shine and sparkle. She helps you to experience the ‘I am’.