by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

The Connection to a Horse

Petra Webstein - Founder of Dancing with my Horses

The component of the spirit, which forms the basis of all life and ties everything to each other, much like the mortar makes the house possible, is a very strong building block in the connection to a horse. It is the ground work for everything to come thereafter and makes the difference between heaven and earth to the actual work with the horses.

But how do we bring this component into being. What is it?

Are there not very magical horse persons out there? Their “methods”, if we want to call them so, are different, but still the outcome magical. What is the common denominator amongst them all? Maybe the question to be asked is, what is their genius?

A horse lives in the here and now, exclusively. It’s instincts are super sensible towards its environment and it understands that this can vary from one moment to the other. In nature it will fulfil a certain role within a herd, but brought together with a human being, its job extends to provide a reflection for the human being as well as its need to establish a safe space for itself.

To bridge the gap between horse & human, one needs to find the space within himself where he can match the horse in its ability to be in the here and now, and make decisions from this state of being.

True leadership and mastery (the one without manipulation or physical intervention) comes from the full acceptance of what is, in trust and knowing that “All is well in all of Creation” hence having a complete detachment to having to achieve an outcome, thus living in the moment.

The encounter with a horse is about finding the mutual respect for each other, and finding out who the horse is that you wish to dance with in the end. Horses are much quicker in getting a good sense about the person encountering them. A horse with an unbroken spirit will act according to its finding, and will express this in its own way to the person in its environment. A human is challenged to find the access to his soul and sensitory awareness. Sometimes a lot of bridges have to be crossed within the human himself, to untie him from restrictions within himself, to be free and safe to encounter the horse in liberty. One of the biggest hurdles on this quest is to still the mind.

For a horse to make a decision, they will perceive what is emanating from the person’s body consciousness, and not what the person is trying to convey through their mind.

Being in the here and now, letting go of anything else, starts to become a whole different meaning. Then feeling into what is, and being confident enough to wait for the right moment to ask, will be rewarded tremendously.

All of a sudden, the two beings seem to melt into one and they move in unison. An invisible energy provides the glue between human and horse, and as a conscious creator being, such as a human, will be able to take the lead.

One will feel the absolute joy of both beings interacting with each other. This is visible and tangible. Once again, the horse has helped humanity on the quest to ‘move’, but this time ‘within’ himself. What absolutely wonderful creatures they are!