by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Soul development

George crowned with feathers

I often get my best inspirations when I just quietly sit with my horses, doing nothing, just enjoying their company and nature. Here is one of my revelations that I find quite profound for myself and I would like to share it with you. Here are my ponderings:

All my life I put a lot of effort into developing myself. But what did I really want to develop? My soul! I believed what I was told as a child, that I am taunted, flawed and need to better myself. Later in life I had several gurus that I followed more or less closely but still when I truly sat in silence, there was this other thing in me which kept telling me that I am that I am and as such perfect and complete.

But this would be too simple, too easy for me to accept. Life is about work after all or is it? One is here to better himself, right? Achieve something that can be shown to the world which in turn provides you with the appreciation.

So, I sit here with my horses, tired once more from the “battlefield of life” and see these two diagrams. As I feel into them, I clearly see that I want to experience the second one. Does it not look like the sun, emanating from inside, effortless shining forth! Good bye old life of trying, bettering, for ever not being quite there to accept what is rightfully mine … the abundance of life.

Is this not how the horses life their lives too? In joy, freedom and abundance!