by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

No Force at All!!!

George crowned with feathers

“In your own life and in your own creations there is no need for force. Now, it’s going to seem odd at first because you are so ingrained with the concept that if you want to create something, you have to gear up your internal machinery, whether it’s your mind, or your creative nature, or even your body. In order to create and be expressive, you have to apply a force to it.

It seems very unusual that you apply no force at all. There is no yin and yang. There is no positive and negative. It is an amazing and simple principle. But, perhaps, it will take a bit of time to get used to this whole new way of living and feeling. Oh, you’re going to find out that it is so easy and simple. It is almost – how to say – it is amazing how simple it is.

But, the programming and the conditioning and the overlay of human consciousness has it that you have to force. You have to push. So, let us get past that now and move into a new way of existence. Some of you get to this point, and you think, “What do I need to be doing? How should I organize my thoughts? What do I need to focus on? What do I need to concentrate on? How do I need to put myself in a type of box to be able to accept this?

What do I need to do?” Nothing at all… nothing at all. Simply breathe it, accept it in, and understand – if your mind needs to chew on something – understand this is a more natural way of living. It is the natural way of Spirit. It was quite unnatural – very, very early on in the formation of the angels – it was quite unnatural to changes to have to apply force into what would be your creative nature, your creativity. The natural method is no force… no force at all.”


Today I found this quote and it made me realise that I am still doing all too much around my horses. Lately, I found that George was very generous with his attention and following my lead. It hardly takes anything when I ask him to move, to lift his head, to go backwards. 

Today I had the farrier here and there was an interesting incident. She had one of his front legs and was trimming the hoof. All of a sudden George wanted to put his foot down and she asked him to hold on … but as she was asking him, she said: “Actually, I sort of thought that I was finished already.”

There is was once again, I know how accurate he reads people’s energy and mind and I said to her that this was the reason why he was going to put his foot down.

I noticed this since a long time that George is very accurately (most of the time too accurately responding to my state of being). So my training around horses was mostly the training of myself, to be with myself, to notice what is going on within myself and making request in a very clear and unemotional manner. The response of the horses … just miraculous.

This quote reminded me once more about this … I am looking forward to indulge more into this for a joyous living and being with the horses.