by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Magic moments

George crowned with feathers

Thousands have written about it, everybody wants it … how do you get it?

Just this morning I decided to put a halter on George (he does not need it) and take him with me to collect Rosie. I too had a halter for her, I wanted to do a little walk with both of them before I feed them.

George was ready for the halter, he stuck his head right into it as I offered it to him. Nice, he is aligned, I thought, smiling. Off we walked to fetch Rosie. She likes the attention and being picked up. So as we approached she started to walk off. She said no to the halter. So I decided to walk next to her, smiling and enjoying her stance for independence, still having George on the lead next to me. 

The way Rosie moved, put a sparkle and a cheekiness into my energy field. I felt it thoughout my body. The energy started to rise from the feet to the top of the head. I surrendered to the sweetness and invitation of that energy, resulting in me having a little run. I noticed that at the same time, the same thing happened in George, we were so aligned that we both moved together. He lifted his energy and trotted almost like on feathers next to me, never ever pulling on the lead rope. 


This is what is want and am looking for, the alignment with joy and the expression of it through movement together with my horses. It can be practised by becoming aware, noticing energies, discerning and allowing … discover the magic within you!