by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

A cloudy day

George crowned with feathers

My dear George has produced another accident, a massive one again. This time I was at home but only got alerted to the fact that something is wrong because Rosie was calling out. I found this very unusual and so I left my work to go outside to check.

I found George standing next to Rosie and his left front foot and leg was bleeding badly. Immediately I knew I had to stay very centered and stay in the present time (as learned through the last accident). I was very aware of my movements and I calmly planned what I had to do next. I called for help from a nearby friend to come and hold him and called the vet who told me that he was not be able to come straight away but in about 1.5 hours.

I stayed as calm as I possibly could and prepared all the things that I needed to put a pressure bandage on that foot. My friend came within 15 minutes and I proceeded to apply the bandage. It all went very well. George was cooperative and I kept myself in the present time, keeping away from all these thoughts and emotions of what if, what if and horrid pictures that run through your mind.

Interestingly enough George also kept his cool and his energy stayed stable. The vet came and we did what we had to do and so followed the days of nursing and taking care of those wounds. A kick to George’s rip cage developed into massive oedemas. They started to spread all over his shoulder, along his belly, in his chest and down his injured leg.

Now, a couple of weeks down the track, I found George at night as I went out to give him some homeopathics, limping badly. He had a huge swelling just next to his shoulder and he did not wanted to stand on his left foot … again. I did an energy treatment on him which shifted a lot of the energy and also gave him a pain killer.

This time it was not so easy to keep my emotions and thoughts under control. They were pulling me away from myself and the present time, drawing horrid paintings once again. Ironically I had just given a workshop that was teaching staying the present time and thus having very different experiences. And here I was getting first hand practice again.

What is the difference I asked myself? I was feeling a bit drained. The caring for the horse had taken more energy out of me that I hadn’t replaced. I was much more receptive to the outside influences of fear and possibilities. There was a portion of me wanting to give up, just wanting it to  go away as I experienced as what I perceived to be another set back.

As I was centering myself, over and over again, because a thought that was followed by an emotion had pulled me out of my presence again, it felt like I was battling a war that never could be won. My wise one within me reminded me that this is just another cloud in the sky that will pass by and that “All is well in all of Creation”.

This morning as I went out to see the horses, I must admit with some anticipation, I found George quite bright and much better. Much like myself??? What happens on the inside, you can see on the outside???

Another reflection on myself, a bringing of unconscious thoughts and emotions to the light for them to be cleared and left behind in the book of experiences of life.