by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Energetic Leadership

Aramis just arrived

What is energetic leadership? Does one have it all the time, can you loose it and if yes, can you gain it back? We are looking at these questions and providing an approach.

Consciously you are hoping you will have a great time doing things with your horse. Subconsciously, something very different is going on, it is likely that you have a certain amount of fear and anxiety about how this will go. In essence you have two different messages running through your system and this “cross talk” generates energetic confusion within you (see my blog about my energetic confusion when dealing George).

Do I now want to tell you that you have to think positive and all will be well? Hell no, trying to think positive (I put the emphasis on THINK = mind related) will only lead you into a fight with yourself or as a result with your horse, notice the word fight for leadership. The two different energetics are in competiton with each other, so which one will win? I would say the one that is louder in this moment! So what is to do about this?

Conscious awareness of subconscious experiences clears this energetic confusion. Rather than “focus on I am going to have a a great time with my horse”, allow yourself to explore what you are actually experiencing. When you are not in resistance to WHAT IS, you are able to move more and more experiences into the conscious level and each time you do this it becomes an asset in your life.

Your willingness to acknowledge your being uncertain, nervous or afraid (fill in the blanks) hence not resisting the truth of this very moment can make all the difference. Now your emotions are on the table freeing you from the need to avoid thinking of them. Hiding from your subconscious issues results in them continuing asking for attention. It is also tremendously tyring to having to remind yourself to ignore them.

Becoming conscious of your subconscious issues allows you to integrate them, make choices in a new way, learn more about yourself and grow.

I am running a 3 day workshop in May 2016 in Western Autralia that addresses exactly this and offers you a wonderful solution to implement into your life. For more information about this course click here…

Artwork by Marie Halter