by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Come dance & celebrate with us

Aramis - Rosie - George

With the arrival of Aramis, a new dimension has opened in our world. I would like to share what the horses George, Rosie and Aramis have taught me so that you can feel this and take it with you when you go out and connect with your animal friends:

“We, the animals, are showing you balance, balance in physical attributes and character but also in energetics. We are like mirrors for yourself to see how these very different energies can relate to you, as well as with each other. Have no fear! As you no longer fear parts of yourself then why would you fear anything outside of you that reflects this.

You already have done so much in learning and expanding your love and compassion and this releases fear and doubts. We animals respond to this – we feel that balance. Yes, people use the animals as the bridge or the key to begin the conversation to themselves.

In a way we animals are to you what paint is to an artist, we are allowing you an expression. And what a beautiful expression! That is what people want, a way to express themselves through beautiful animals AND with connection to the Earth and Gaia energies. Doing it with nature is also what people are responding to. This is very grounding. It is so much easier to ground and be present outdoors because of weather changes, clouds moving, flowers opening and closing. Nature reminds people of change, growth and cycles. Inside, in shelter with artificial environments, humans close off those things and they remove themselves from the rhythm of life. Outside with your animals you can tune into all this once again. That is also a big part of your awakening, we animals get you back to the natural rhythm of life through nature.

Your mastery is already opened and connected! It is now just about diving in without expectations. Its about celebrating where you have evolved to and inviting even more expression with your connection to the animals… or whatever may come next.

As for connecting with us, well we are already with you! We might not speak as you want to just now. For now just make the commitment to be communicating with your soul that is also key to the journey of being a Master. It is of no use to you as a Master if you do not communicate with yourself first because when you do then you know that your voice, your wisdom and insights are just as grand as anything we will say.

Yes, it is wonderful to have us as a back up, we are like the friends you call on when you just need some extra clarity. Have the trust in yourself to hear yourself first. The Master knows their voice is as wise as any other. But too, do not mistake or want to replace your human experience with such things, remember to enjoy the joys of human experience, savour the sunshine, enjoy the breeze….within these you will feel us also.

And remember all you are doing is perfect, the perfect things in the perfect place at the perfect time. Relish the present and the future will be your reward….”

George, Rosie, Aramis & Petra