by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Humans and Horses who have influenced my world

George playing with Petra

The ones who know me and my journey with my horses have been privy to see and hear the miraculous ways that I have experienced with my horses. George in particular was the one teaching me with great patience and tenacity.

And here is another example on how George prepared me to hold my energy for a beautiful outcome:

While I was in Europe my horses were lovingly taken care of by friends of mine. I know that when I leave them, I need to hold them in great energy and not worry about them while I am away. I also noticed that I can tell them when I will be back and they know.

So while I was away I had a strange dream involving George. The dream was so visserol it felt it was happening right now. In this dream I saw George wrapped up in a blanket in a carton (like you would put a baby bird when they have fallen out of their nest). Moments later, George was grown up at his present age. He was wearing a light halter. I looked around and noticed that we were not at home but somewhere completely unfamiliar. I did not have a lead rope and I all of a sudden realised that a) I need to feed him and b) we were somewhere next to a house which had not backyard to put him in.

As I was pondering the situation, George took off because he discovered a huge meadow just to the left of us which was unfenced. The meadow was sloping down a hill and George was cantering it down soon to be disappeared. 

First I panicked and I thought I lost him. Then I remembered all his teachings that he has given me over the years and I took myself out of this panick and back into present time. There was nothing I could do right in this moment but gathering myself, my thoughts and emotions, trusting that the outcome will be the best for all of us, however that might look like.

As soon as I found myself calm, collected, even with a curiousiority about the outcome, I saw cows running up the same hill where George had disappeared. And behind them there was George herding them all up the hill. He looked like a cattle dog taking his job very seriously. I was in awe of the picture. 

When the cows were all gathered on top of the hill, George came running to me saying, look what I can do! And also he asked me why I still don’t trust him to make the right decisions for himself!

When I then just returned from Europe and took over the care of my horses, George had one of his moments where he excuberantly was gallopping around the property feeling deeply into his movements and enjoying himself. He was followed by Apreeto and Apreeto could not keep up with him. 

When I feed them later I noticed that George had a slight limp in his left front leg. I was not too worried about it as given his injuries he had and the bogginess of the terrain. However when I came out in the morning to feed them, George could not stand on that leg. Uuuuuh, shall I call the vet, what do I need to do? And then I remembered the dream I had whereby George showed me again how much he can take care of himself and knows what he is doing. It became very clear to me in that moment that he is in charge of his healing and I can only help him by gently supporting it. So I gave him the Schuessler salts that are now a standard in my horse lifes and put some cream onto the area where the heat and some swelling was. I also gave George my trust and told him to guide me how he wants to be supported.

Three days later my farrier was due to trim them. You would not believe George was almost a 100% healed and he was able to stand for the farrier to trim him. What an awesome job our animals can do if we let them!!!