Petra Webstein

Since over 30 years Petra's biggest interest was the energy that fuels a body and the relationship and manifestation of that energy in a physical body.

She was one of the first ones in the German speaking part of Europe to discover the amazing bachflower remedies by Dr. Edward Bach. She has been using them since over 30 years now. She was teaching and working as a Reiki Master & EFT practitioner as well consulting people as energy coach and teaching various other subjects relating to the world of energy.


  • Vibrational & natural medicine counselling since 1984
  • Reiki Master & teaching Reiki since 1992
  • Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner & facilitators since 2001
  • Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling 2008
    1 month Compact Schooling 2008
    Australian organiser & representative 
  • Running workshop developed by Petra Webstein herself
  • Sexual Energy School teacher training & teaching since 2011
  • Aspectology teacher training & teaching since 2012
  • Workshop organiser for Sensitive Horse (Noora Ehnqvist) and New Energy Riding Instructor Mara Aline Zimmerli
  • Practising Mastering Alchemy
George Webstein

George is a very clear and sovereign horse. In a herd he is one of the highest ranking horses.

Nevertheless, he is also a gentleman with a high sensitivity for energies. Profiled by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling he turns out to be a Minister and a Half Born.

He reads people's energy very accurately and is very clear about who he considers to be an equal or not. He has a soft spot for children and authentic people. And I would consider him a master in forgiveness if one can truly admit that some boundaries have been crossed in an unfair manner.

He is fair. He will warn three times in general before he will take action if something needs to be addressed.

He lives together with Rosie and Amaris and helps people finding new insights within themselves when they come to have their "George experience" (more about that later). He takes a vivid interest in people in general.

Please note: George has left us to go over the rainbow bridge now. Thank you, your most beautiful friend for what you have given and taught me. I will never forget you.

Rosie Webstein

Much can be said about Rosie ... she is indeed a precious, fine pony with the biggest heart.

She was rescued from a paddock where nobody took care of her, leaving her with hooves that looked like clown shoes and a quite severe stifle lock. She had to fend for herself and defend herself at any price.

This rendered her to a "tough" little creature which is just her outer shell. 

He first reaction with people in general would be a quite feisty one where she would let people know without a shadow of a doubt from a distance that they are not really welcome as such unless somebody recognises her quite fragile inner being and approaches accordingly.

She is certainly not one to be told, her woundings would cause her to bite and kick vehemently.

I feel that her sweetness that has such an attraction, and her being such a little horse, has caused people to be overwhelming to her, she was possibly used for kids which I know she would not be the best horse for. 

She has taught me about softness, tenderness and calmness like no one before. Once she feels understood, she is the most lovely creature to be around. She too helps people finding their inner child (profiled as a Child by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling) and playfulness when they come to have the "Rosie experience".

She lives with Aramis and has found in him a wonderful compagnion and protector while she is giving him the warmth of an open innocent heart.

Aramis Webstein

Welcome Aramis, an Andalusian horse, the lastest member of our Dancing with my Horses family.

Aramis travelled 5500km from the east coast of Australia to the west.

I had a dream 2 years ago where I was riding George on a early morning as I noticed that I had company. I turned to my left and saw a grey magnificient horse with a rider next to me. I knew this horse belonged to me. The dream was vivid and full of life and I never forgot it. However, I also never attempted to fulfill it either until ....

one day I received this email from a couple I met through the work I did for Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling here in Australia. I had visited them many years back on their property and enjoyed a day with them and their Andalusian horses. They offered me Apreeto to become mine and find a new home with me. 

The grey horse I have been dreaming of, came into my life, just like this. Amazing. Aramis was profiled by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and he is a King and a Pilgrim, a horse that is like an oak and needs a big storm to uproot him as Klaus described him.

I was very surprised how well he travelled and stepping out of the truck he showed his majestic energy coupled with a curiosity for his new environment. He walked on a steady feet into his new home paddock to put down his head and eat. 

It became very clear, very quickly that he likes people, he likes to interact and does this is a very respectful way. Having had him now for only a couple of days I realised how much I was taught by George about horses, their needs and desires and how to connect to them and I feel a deep gratitude for my jewel George. 

Aramis's energy teaches us about dignity, certainty and command all on walks of life. He asks us to embrace the "I am that I am" within us. What a wonderful new friend has just entered our lives.

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.” Arabian proverb


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