Seiko’s Rosie Experience

I just want to thank you for the beauty that you helped me see with your special horses. From the experience, I really appriciate you and horses invited me to find what I exactly needed.

I learned how calm it can be to be me and learned it is ok to keep you space for myself and also to others. I knew I was not good at keeping distance with others, but I just did not know how, or, was not sure if it is right thing to do.

Also I told my story to a friend of mine,who is really good doctor but now taking a break for depresssion, and we were able to share the message in tears. It has been hard for me to find how to cheer her up, but you gave me the chance and I am really glad. Thank you.

And I just wish every one could experience the time and space with your horses.

After the work finished I wrote down what comes to my mind, and those words and images you had given still warmly help me to be happy and present.

Rosie showed me how it can be hard to look cute and small and how to deal with those poeple disrespectful or people without understanding of how brautiful and graceful she is.

When you told me Rosie knows how to react to those disrespective deeds properly, and I just had to admire her and felt like I’ve got chance to do that if I want to.

I just respect her for her strengh and courage to be the one to save her dignity, while I often fail to hold it for myself. And that remided me of my little but giant horse Abu at home, and things I could have cared for him more. (I now become a bit better human knows how to respect him than before I think)

About poops. When Rosie stopped in the middle of paddock on the way to the arena, I was not able to invite her to take steps. and I didi not realize there was a poop hill infront of her until you let me see that.

You suggested me clues to notice what Rosie might be having or botherig her there.The poop may seem like a big obstacle for her since Rosie is small, or she just doesn’t know what to do, or she just doesn’t know she can step aside and walk, or she just doesn’t know it is a not big deal… and I just did not know if I can be a help, and did not know what to do either….those things reflect me of a lot of things, people, or situation in daily life. and I am so grateful that Rosie told me that with poops. I now think I know how to wonder or imagine better.

When the session begins, I felt the change in the air around me, but now I thik that was what happening inside me too. You hepled to me to get ready to feel and listen to myself, which I was not really used to.

As i walk toward to horse, you showed me how to walk, blessed me with the space that I am given. I now learned that anything happening outside of my space is non of my business… still trying but I know better how powerful and calm it can be to keep space and inner peace within, to be conneceted with others.

I have saved by you and horses many times since I got home. Words have meaings in real way and helps me to take a break, like wispering.

Seiko Hashida, Japan

Japanese Tourist