Most importantly I am truly worthy of all the love & happiness

I wanted to tell that i had the most amazing experience yesterday and even though i did not connect with Rosie mentally it was the emotional connection that i had with her from the moment i saw her photo. I knew in advance that she was the one for me….I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the things you shared with me yesterday these brought me to tears.

I have taken away from my experience  and i hope that this is correct is that i need to allow my inner personas to take care of each other and most importantly that I am truly worthy of all the love, happiness  and most importantly to trust in my self and allow this amazing journey just to take place and allow this to happen.. like Rosie i have had to not only protect myself but also ensure that my children were loved and protected…

That past life has now ended and it is time for me to just enjoy all that my life has now been blessed with. My past has made me who i am today and has given me the strength to truly find my place in this life and is now guiding me to my lifes true purpose… I am love and i have so much love to share and want nothing more than to share this with others… I am no longer contained and controlled i am my own person each and every part of me…

Thank you so very much and i would like nothing more than to visit Rosie again …

Apparently after yesterday experience my husband told me this morning that i was talking in my sleep with who i do not know but some he could understand but there was a language i was speaking was something he had not heard before.

I am truly looking forward to this path i am on I am excited,  open and accepting of what is to come.

Thank you to both yourself you are amazing and that beautiful little girl xxxxx

Dionne A, Western Australia