Dialogue with Kate

Kate is my now 29 year old mare who has been with me since she was 12 years old.  To make a long story short; I carried a lot of guilt about my dismissal of Kate when I decided to ‘retire’ her when she got older and no longer suited my needs.  The relationship between us soured considerably at this time, and when I visited her in her new retirement place, she would never appear at all happy, and be so offended and bite me, and even once reared and hit me on the head!  

I was at this time totally bamboozled by this as I thought I was looking after her.  After a couple of years I finally brought her back into my environment – In my own way, I did sincerely only want the best for her, as it turns out, in a physical way at least.  What I didn’t realise was that really she had just been abandoned (no matter what I thought about looking after her) and that she was in fact very decisively letting me know what she thought of this!  The ensuing years between us was like a kind of ‘truce’, she never gave to me and it always felt that she simply put up with me no matter how hard I tried! 

It was through PETRA WEBSTEIN that this all changed.  I have to say here that a very unusual thing occurred.  While Petra was there observing me, Kate came and literally pushed her way into my space, because at the time I was doing something with my other horse. This never happened at any other time. Petra simply said, “why don’t you do something with Kate”. I started to brush her and Petra said, “stop – just breathe with her” which I did.  Well, I can tell you, that in itself was really something!

I finally felt that now I was just with my horse – me and her!  Petra then said now just go walking, and I did.  Kate simply, and with no prompting what-so-ever, just came with me – I can still feel the emotion, and the tears ‘well’ now as I write this.  We walked so closely together, and the feeling of connection and companionship was so real – a mutual embrace.  I poured my heart out to her at how sorry I was, and how I so appreciated her.  This was all she wanted – to be meaningful, appreciated and seen!  My journey with Kate has been ongoing, and I now know more about who I am and how I function – she tells me in no uncertain terms!  I value her so much!

It seems so simple, but having now observed Petra also in other ways, I know that she has this amazing ability to feel into people and their horses (and other animals) and assess what is needed to bring unity into people’s lives in so many ways.  I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER HIGHLY ENOUGH!  What happened to me may seem so small and not very much, but it was hugely significant.  It has opened the doors to my communication with Kate and myself in ways that I never thought possible. This has had wide spread consequences in my life that I never thought could be possible.


All My Best Wishes – Hilary Reading, Western Australia

Hilary Reading, Australia

KFH Body Awareness & Energie Coach