Hello Petra,

Thank you for a lovely talk that we did today. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did, and that you know now what to do during the first two weeks of preparatory work before we start our Class. I will be following your experiences closely and will be all the time available for you to advice, guide you and support you. Please keep me up to date, so I can know when to introduce new experiences and advance your preparatory work, so we can start our BreakingFree Method Program with you being as brilliantly prepared as possible.

As I promised, I attach now to this message the file in which I recapitulated everything I already told you, but that you should know and remember about when we will go through BodyMarc exercises and especially through the BodyMarc Diet experiences.

Please stay in touch, and do not hesitate to share with me your experiences, questions and ideas that you may have on the way!

Let me wish you a very pleasant evening!

With Kind Regards,

Attachment: BreakingFreeMethod-BodyMarcDiet

Petra Webstein Thank you Anna. Are there any specific BodyMarc exercises to do or the “standard” ones?     Anna Marciniak The standard ones, and the ones you may know from the BodyMarc LIVE Sessions are perfectly enough.