There are many theories telling people what they should and what they should not eat. There are many people ready to tell you what is healthy and what is not healthy for you.

There is also one silent advisor that is also with you. That is also accessible for you and ready to tell you what is REALLY good for you. How does he know? Because he is your body.

Your body will be processing and using the food you are eating. Your body knows in every moment of your life what you need and what will balance you. Your body will have to rebuild itself using the food you are eating. Your body will have to cure all imperfections using the elements you provide.

You can always ask your body: what do you want to eat? And your body will tell you. It is not magic it is not witchcraft. It is a simple connection with your body and following what your body is telling you.

We all know that something can be tasty or not tasty. And feeling the taste is the first step to build this connection.

We also all know, that body reacts to threat by tightening the throat. Of course, when your throat is all the time clenched because of the stress, you cannot feel it. When you relax your throat, you can feel that your body reacts even to the idea to eat something. When your throat tightens before eating something, then your body is telling you NO to it. When your body is relaxing and inviting the food, then your body is saying YES to it.