Hello Anna Marciniak

Day 9 and Day 10 – I am feeling completely uninspired by food. I don’t seem to like anymore what I did before and at the moment I simply don’t know what to eat. Nothing feels it would give me the energy I am looking for.

More aches and pains in my body in different spots where I normally would not experience pain. It is not excruciate pain just something I notice. 

I am feeling I am wanting to do more, other things, new things just enjoy life more.Anna MarciniakPetra Webstein what great experiences!!! Wonderful! About the food – very good observation 🚀💥 and a true Breaking Free moment, we moved a bit around the patterns you have created around the food routines and food choices and you have discovered that in fact you do not really like the food you have been eating. Well done. Ask yourself now two important questions: where you would look for the food you would like (which shops, markets, farmers, maybe your own garden?) and ask about the colors/textures/smells/consistencies of the food you may like now. Ask about the colors and textures, and your body will give you some clues. Follow them, and discover new tastes and new inspirations 🙂 I am deeply sorry to know you experience some awareness of the pains appearing in the body. Be gentle to yourself and rest a lot. These are too, like shadows coming from the past, to inform you that some time ago there was some un-happiness in the body about what was going on with you. Treat it lightly, allow this message to come, and support yourself with lots of relaxation and rest, doing BodyMarc short sessions (even 5-10min) several times a day if possible