Hello Anna Marciniak

Day 8 – A following day again and I felt calm, happy and relaxed in general. My back pain is getting better too. I feel closer to the joy of eating less. 

I have made more discoveries about myself, releasing old tensions as they came up and aligning myself feelings of ease, grace and joy more.

I absolutely love my moments with my horses, they are so witty, humorous and friendly it is just a pleasure being with them and care for them.

Greeting from Western Australia, I hope you are all fine where you are and there are no fires in your area.

Blessings PetraAnna Marciniak Thank you for your concern Petra Webstein, fires are well on the north from us, we chose the area we are now deliberately knowing there are hardly ever fires here, and even if they are it’s easy to put them down since it’s a very agricultural area, which means less trees, and forests, more farm-land with nothing to burn. I am happy to read you are feeling well, and are having wonderful time with your horses. Remember to allow yourself to look for pleasure in this process, in the every phase and every moment of each day!