Hello Anna Marciniak

Day 3 – is still unfolding. I am on the “Connecting” day and I feel hungry. I am very selective about what I am eating though. I notice a lot of judgement around food.

I noticed that I tried to compare what we are doing here with other things that I learned or knew and made a decision to put everything out of my mind (as good as I can) to be able to fully participate here in this. 

I am feeling well and settled and happy.

I hope all is unfolding nicely for you and am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Petra 😸Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, lovely to hear from you. You can see how much, when you tried to put the thinking out from the food choices- it when straight to judging what you do and comparing it ☺️great! Do not try to control these processes, if you feel like judging, do it. Do not apply any mood controlling or mood making practices. Do what comes to you BUT with a bigger awareness, so you are a true observer of this process and not a blind participant of it or follower of it. Tell yourself: Oh how funny that I feel like judging or valuing the food/method/approach – and just observe yourself, the process and the outcomes 💛🌿