Hello Anna Marciniak

It feels that I have gotten a little stuck with my BodyMarc exercises. They have become “automatic” and it does feel as if therefore my body does not get the same benefit out of it. It comes from a stress that I feel in my life right now that I have so many things to do – finish – deliver so that I am just trying to keep up with it. 

It feels that everything depends on me “doing” something. That of course is partially true because I live by myself, look after animals and a small farm and try to make an income to support ourselves. Everything flows better if I am in the “flow” of things of course and I am aware of that.

Best regards from Western Australia … Petra

Anna Marciniak Hello my dear Petra Webstein. It is all absolutely normal. If you wish we can meet tomorrow or on Monday for a Skype call to discuss your experiences, as we also come closer to the start of the BreakingFree Experiences 🙂 It’s wonderful that you start to see the stress coming from doing and dependence on doing things. Observe it with lightness, as if you were observing children playing in the park, all these thoughts point at something …but it’s not always the thing that you really SEE 🙂 let’s meet to discuss further 

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, it would be wonderful to meet. I am available on Sunday from 7pm which is for you 12noon. Perth WA is 7 hours ahead of Lisbon, Portugal. I can talk to you until my 11pm. On Monday I am free so far to talk anytime you like. Let me know what suits you best and I will make it fit. 

Petra Webstein Hello Anna it is now almost 10.30pm here on Sunday. I feel tired and I will be going to bed. Just set a time for Monday to meet and I will make it. Good night stars bright

Anna Marciniak Petra Webstein Hello! Please set the time and let me know 

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak let’s meet at 7pm my time, 12 noon your time today Monday 23rd Oct. 🙂 on Skype.

Petra Webstein I am not sure if you got this but I am waiting on Skype for you. 

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, I have been waiting for an hour to meet now. I am feeling a bit frustrated that I have not heard from you. It is important for me honour each others time and committment. So I will leave it in your hands to make a suggestion for our meeting. 

Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, I am sorry and I do understand your position. I didn’t see the notifications on the phone from Facebook, I only get notifications from FB Messenger. I need to see the meeting time to be able to adapt to it, so it’s not the matter of honoring each other’s time, it’s just a matter of awareness – me knowing or being simply aware of the meeting time, as I am always ready and more than willing to fit my day to match into the schedule suggested by you as you are my priority ♥️♥️♥️ please remember about that ♥️please can you write to me at the Messenger when you will be ready or willing again to speak – tomorrow or today or whenever it suits you 🌸🌸

Petra Webstein Thank you Anna Marciniak for creating this situation as it asked of me to be truthful to myself and expressing my frustration with the situation. It was a huge step for me to allow myself to do that. <3