Hello Anna Marciniak

Day 1 – I have been doing BodyMarc since about 4 weeks every morning and evening. I went through a stage of huge tiredness but is seems to have become less now. It feels as if the body is soften.

This last night I had several dreams, one being very disturbing including my horse George. He was drinking from a lake and then stepping into the lake and tried to swim but he sank. I was standing there with a girl friend of mine watching him. We were beyond words and paralysed not able to do something as he was sinking out of sight. I ran away to get help, desperate. When I came back with a guy I saw my girl friend pulling at George’s neck to help him getting out of the water. George was exhausted but alive! The shock is still sitting in my bones when I woke up and I was reminded of his terrible accidents where he cuts his front legs and the vet did not give him much chance to survive.

You talking about horses and metabolic problems made me feel quite sad as I am very much for letting the horse decide what it wants to eat and how much. Apreeto, the Andalusian, had just a stressed eating when he arrived off the truck after a 10 day trip across the country. The people who owned him said that they ration their horses feed as they are particularly prone to metabolic diseases. I always felt I would like him to find his discernment around food (George and Rosie have become very good at it), so I gave him more and more freedom. He was putting on weight and 3 weeks ago he almost collapsed so that I had the vet out which told me to lock him up and put him onto a strict diet otherwise he would be dead in a month. I started to manage him but I did not want to lock him up away from the others, so he spends his night in the stable now with Rosie next to him and during the day I have put a muzzle on him. I am feeling sad because I do not like it for him and it feels very unnatural to me.

You introducing me to the BodyMarc diet has brought these questions marks back to me and I feel I have failed him miserably.

I have decided to do the Connecting Phase as I had a sumptuous food day yesterday. Struggling a bit to find the joy in it but so far I am fine with it.

Wishing you marvellous days in discovering your new home.Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Thank you for your message and the update. The feeling of tiredness that you refer to and which you experienced while doing BodyMarc is very normal process od de-stressing and un-stressing some tensions from the body. It may come in waves, so be prepared for it to return once or twice, but it should not come more often. Later, as you do BodyMarc, you will experience increasing energy and productivity coming from it, as there will be less and less tensions in the body. Holding up and keeping up the tension is very tiring for the body (its like keeping the muscle active/flexed for all the time) so when there comes a moment when you can release it, you suddenly realize how tiring it was. From this comes the feeling of tiredness that you experienced. Do not worry about it 🙂 I am very sorry to hear about your dream, it must have been very disturbing to wake up having all the emotions and pictures vivid in your head. From my experience and practice with people, many dreams people are having are connected with food they had and also with unstressing the stresses we carry during the day. When we start the processes of unstressing the body and the mind, the dreams may come. The best way is to not pay too much attention to them, and just tell yourself that “It was just a bad dream” – just as our mothers did to us when we woke up in the night afraid because of the things we dreamed about 🙂 Regarding the BodyMarc Diet: from my experience (also personal, not only teaching) our relation to food is very much reflected by our animals. It’s so strong, that almost unbelievable. We have just moved to sunny Portugal and I felt on my own body how the sunny weather and higher temperature’s range relaxed my stomach, and in turn one of our dogs who has a very sensitive stomach and at home in Poland could not eat any dog food only especially made cooked “people’s” food – now eats the dog food like crazy, likes it and feels better than ever 🙂 with horses I have had similar experiences coming from my own practice and when teaching others. As we advance now on this journey it’s very important that you look at all experiences, also the unpleasant ones, with calmness trying to see them in bigger perspective. It may not be possible to see the meaning of them now, but just trying to stay calm and remain distant from judging if you failed or not and how much will be very helpful. It’s very important even now to look at this situation and tell yourself “How funny that I blame myself for trying to do the best for my horse I could – I did everything I possibly could do, the rest was not up to me back then”. Of course, as we advance, we see from a bigger perspective that we could do more, but it’s our awareness from now, and it cannot be applied on the past. In the past we always did the best we could. And this is the message you have to carry now in your heart. Treat everything with lightness and innocently accept everything as it comes 🙂 now we focus on experiencing the BodyMarc Diet…connecting days are fascinating to experience, following days are releasing, I am waiting for your another update 🙂 I keep my fingers crossed! Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Petra!  

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, thank you very much for your words, I can feel the truth in them and a part of me also knows very exactly what you are talking about. It is now time to bring it into the full body experience, this is how I feel it. Your words are helping and soothing, so I am grateful for that, it makes me feel that I am not alone in the process. Thank you.