Dear Anna Marciniak

I feel that the session today was not very successful. George has a slight limp, so I was not too sure if I could even do anything with him. I pushed my boundaries by asking George to walk more next to me as he always seems to stay behind and I was not too successful doing this. However, he offered to step backwards and then again forward. So this session was relatively short. When we came out and I prepared dinner, George went to bite Rosie, I was wondering if he was holding some frustrations.

As I was waiting for the movie to upload over night (it is morning now) today I feel a lot of pain in my back and I was wondering if that has to do with the last BM session. I have quite an arched lower back and the last session where we press the spine into the ground showed me how much gap I have there, so maybe this are changes going through. I also was very tired.

The horses are very chirpy this morning it is much cooler and cloudy, they like the cooler weather much more than the heat.

How do you experience your first winter in Portugal? Is it much milder than Poland?

Anna Marciniak Hello dear Petra Webstein, yes the pain and discomfort may be connected with BodyMarc session on the spine. Please instead of pressing the spine vertebrae towards the floor, just have the intention of them to come a little bit closer to the floor, likedropping down, to relax the muscles that keep them tight in a bigger curve. This curve is your spine adapting to hold your body throughout the life. In my eyes it’s OK to do some training even when the horse is lame or ill, as the way we work is based on releasing the tensions, and therefore is helping even when the horse is not entirely OK on the given day. The relaxation is spreading. The behavioral changes that you saw in George on that day may be very much connected with the fact he was limping a bit, and therefore built more muscle tension in the body. I would give him a good massage or body therapy (like TTouch or BodyMarc DUO, or the kind of touch-massage as I showed you with Pawel and Falcao on the video I uploaded today to our group), and just support him to release these tensions that cause the additional “noise” for the neural pathways putting mind in bigger distress. This distress is read by the mind as emotions of frustration, anger, moodiness or regrets. We will speak about it deeper during the BodyMarc Session tomorrow 🙂 you can ask any questions you have regarding this here for me, or in the BodyMarc Live Sessions group for Pawel.