Dear Anna Marciniak

Today I worked with Apreeto taking into account what you said before … having longer breaks in between to clear the mind and let go of tensions that arise. 

First it was very slow even taking Apreeto into the arena. Sometimes he only did one step at the time, so i guess the most time I spent outside the arena of course without a video camera. 

In the arena I built on the experience that I had outside of it, namely thanking for saying No, waiting for the right moment to take a step to walk and I was surprised that Apreeto followed faster and more often.

At one time George came to see us and he was going up and down outside of the rope. I noticed that my focus was going between the two and Apreeto did not like it. You will see a little sequence in the film. 

So, what I feel is that I hold an intention. Often then thoughts and emotions of doubt come in, I clear them for as long as it takes until my mind is still again and lets room for the intention to develop. Then there is a moment when it feels that it is now possible and thats when I move knowing that Apreeto will follow or whatever the intention was. It feels like a magic band that bonds us together in a way. And in that space there is the conversation between us.

Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein ❤️ So happy to see you and Apreeto here again! When the session starts, you leave Apreeto and he shakes off – this is a great moment to come back to him and thank him with a scratch or with a treat for furthering his relaxation upon saying NO. So you can see that he immediately stars from the direct guidance. Wonderful. Whenever you feel thoughts or emotions of doubt coming in, from our experience, it’s tensions in the throat area. Please use in this moments the BodyMarc throat release technique (press the root of the tongue against your tonsils, and tense your throat pipe purposefully, wait a moment breathing with the upper chest, relax everything, repeat – the thoughts should by then go away). Remember precisely how your body felt (not what you did, or what order of actions you took) during the moments of bigger connection, especially when Apreeto was following you. Remember it, like a map of connection, like a gate that you can walk through to deepen this connection and carry on! ❤️ I am waiting for the upcoming videos from you Petra