Hello Petra Webstein!

Here I wish to share with you something that I prepared for my JoinAnna students yesterday.

I wish to show you how, except of BodyMarc DUO and Optimal Performance work, we work directly with Falcao’s body. This work is based on BodyMarc DUO but due to the way it’s realized is closer to massage. I feel it may be very important for you to start this kind of work with Apreeto.

We want to show you how you can combine being able to massage your horse’s body with the flow of the body awareness and body opening techniques you know from BodyMarc DUO.

We all know that it’s the AWARENESS and not the skills that make each body therapy successful. We all have experienced personally massages or other body therapies that were executed as procedures, and that we could not enjoy to the fullness. What is more, many times we felt more tensed during the massage than before it. And then we all experienced as well the TOUCH OF A MOTHER on the head when we were a child. A touch that was theory-free, and full of love. 

And we all know how much soothing, calmness and ease from pain it instantly provided. Simply because it was guided through love and connection.

My desire is to show that knowing BodyMarc DUO and/or knowing how to connect to your self, you are able to use 100% of the massage techniques or body work techniques that you know. 

Many times, I meet with professionals from the field, who say how often this or that technique is not quite working for the animal or human they work with. In their eyes, the answer to this is to learn an even better technique. But the truth is that after 10-20 years of professional practice you may run out of the new techniques and become quite fed up with non of them working as miraculously as you wished.

I find that these people are relieved and positively surprised when I tell them that through BodyMarc DUO they can learn how to take 100% of the techniques they already know, simply because through their personal connection with their body and self, they will have a DEEPER access to the technique presented and discovered by a person with probably much greater body awareness then theirs. BodyMarc supports practitioners to rise their body awareness in such a way that they become as successful when giving body therapies as the inventors of these techniques.

This is our goal: to rise people’s body awareness so everyone can be as successful as possible, and have as big fruits of their work as possible.

In the below video Pawel explains the difference between massage and touching in connection, and how this can influence the horse’s body. Pawel is showing how he seeks sources of tensions in Falcao, and explains how muscle-tension chains are different from kinematic-muscle chains, and how a subtle tension behind the horse’s ear or inside the horse’s intestines can be seen through the chain resulting in a big tension in the horse’s neck or shoulder. Addressing this area will not of course release the problem, but will provide pleasure for the human mind that it came with a “trick” and “hacked” the reality providing the change. Pawel talks about the importance of staying humble, and surrendering to the process, allowing ourselves to be guided by the relaxation.

Enjoy! 😍

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak and Paweł Marciniak. I so love this video. Falcao reminds me of my friend George. This is what George taught me so intently, touching and massaging him. He stand in liberty and I hold my hands out and he puts the body part into my hands that he wants to be touched and massaged and he enjoys it tremendously. I will see if I can capture that on video to show you. I don’t know what I am doing I am just following the lead of George. Apreeto says No most of the time of me touching him but in this video with Pawel and Falcao I understood suddenly that I have to give Apreeto more time and let him go through his emotions which I so far have interpreted as please stop. I will try it. Thank you so much for showing me this video, I really appreciate it. <3 🙏

Paweł Marciniak Thank you Petra 🙂Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, I am so happy to hear your feedback and to know that it provided the missing bits to your body-work puzzle :)Here comes the follow-up video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as the first one – JoinAnna Character is not a set of mental qualities, but a set of physical tensions

https://www.youtube.com/embed/nnieiTcBklMPetra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak and Paweł Marciniak. How beautiful your work is and thank you for that follow up video. It does give me joy of diving deeper into my “massage” experience with George and also Apreeto and Rosie. 

I have been feeling into what I could do once I finished the Breaking Free Program and I felt that “Touch to Calm” could be a great next step. Now Pawel, you have put out your new program and I must admit I am slightly confused which step to take. However, there is still time to decide.

You have so many different programs to choose from that it does not seem to be easy to do so. So I feel it comes down to what I want to do with my horses:

– George is my oldest friend, he taught me so much about calmness and grounding and enjoying life. I do not wish to ride him (maybe sitting on him once) but I would love to dance with him. We had moments of it but I would love to bring more and more joy and laughter to our being together and moving.

– Rosie, is my girl and all I wish for her is joy, joy, joy and sunshine in her heart and be as however she wants to be with me and the boys. I would love to enjoy extended walks with her, exploring.

– Apreeto, he is the one who came to teach me riding whenever we are ready for it. I wish for him that he shows his magnificence more and more, that he is proud of himself as he is an extraordinary guy. I wish for him to discover the joy of moving in his own majestic style.

I am deeply grateful that I have these horses in my life, they are my joy and bring so many smiles on my face.

So maybe you are able to advise me a little which route to take after I have finished the BreakingFree program. Thank you Anna Marciniakand Paweł MarciniakPetra Webstein Here is my video response as promised. Apreeto was slowly allowing me to massage him longer each time I approached him again. He did a lot of walking away which was fine, it felt he needed time to integrate. I am enjoying giving massages  https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bl906Xz2sa8   Anna Marciniak So wonderful Petra Webstein!!!   Anna MarciniakPetra Webstein I believe that the most important experience for you now is to feel when to let go, and when you should continue because some tension starts to peel off and you NEED TO BE THERE ON THAT SPOT to deliver the relaxation until the moment it peels the tension away 🙂 I believe that you are getting there, as your confidence and clarity of how these two processes feel and what is the difference between them – grow ❤️🔥💪🏼Petra Webstein Thank you very much Anna Marciniak, it is nice to have confirmation as I too feel that I am getting deeper. I still have some issues with distraction as somebody else did video this. My focus drifts away at times.