Hello Anna Marciniak

Apreeto has recovered from his injury. 

I was lucky to have somebody filming this time, so I took advantage and started right where I joined Apreeto in the field. It was very interesting, I felt a nervousness right from the beginning, just sitting under my skin. 

My intention was to lead Apreeto to the arena and just use this as our playtime together, whether we arrive at the arena or not was not so important.

It took a lot of time to release tension at the beginning before Apreeto even started to wanting to walk with me. I enjoyed the walk with him as we finally got some movement happening. I loved going through the bushes with him.

We got to the arena and saw the dog of the friend who was filming playing with the ball, so we joined it. Apreeto did not really like the dog being too close to us as you can see in the video. We ended up playing with the ball. I noticed excitement but at the same time annoyance in Apreeto (his ears are pinned at times).

Then I took the halter off him and just wanted to accompany him in the arena. I am not sure what happened but at some moments Apreeto lifted his energy a lot and he came towards me very fast. I felt a bit scared and felt that I needed to stop him, I should have been more decisive to do so, I feel now that I am watching the video, however also watching the video again it does not seem that Apreeto meant to harm me, it just felt that way at the time when I was in the arena with him.

I am looking forward to your comments on this Anna Marciniak. Thank you 

Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein. Lovely to see you again. You look different  Am I seeing correctly that you lost some weight? You look more light and more easy to let go when I look at you. Apreeto is a very royal, I would say even a serious horse meaning that he treats himself very seriously, and as much as he loves you, he also wants you to treat him and your time together seriously. You can be light, you must be playful, but on top of that all you must be sharply observant and flexible to adapt to what you see = learn all the time. Take breaks between the actions. Do not fool around without pauses. Pauses just for a pat are not enough, you need 30 seconds for yourself, to clear mind, to take a breathe and then to feel what to do. I love to see your horse more ENERGETIC, it’s unbelievably connected – your lightness of the body and how much lightness he can show. But at the same time, remember that if you awaken energy you MUST BE PREPARED TO DEAL WITH IT. He did not do anything negative, it’s just ABSOLUTELY NORMAL that the higher the energy levels the more tensions you will see, this is why we always start from slow energy and from calmness. Because when you have such a royal horse and you do not manage your own energy propertly, probably you do not yet feel it well when you are in action with him, then adding more movement into the system results in driving a FERRARI CAR, first you need to learn the rules how to drive the car, and practice in some slow car  and Apreeto showed you only this: first learn, and then try to play with energy at liberty, or else lessons on humbleness will follow  he just have given you a heartfelt message: CALMNESS FIRST, then understanding of the energies that flow from calmness, and THEN DRIVING FERRARI  and oh my God, what a Ferrari he can be with a good driver…    after this video you can only imagine  I would recommend for you as a follow up course to master something you touched here dear Petra either the Touch to Calm Class (let’s say: a driving theory) or/and The Energy (driving course).

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, thank you for your comments. I knew Apreeto was royal, he exudes this vibration all the time. Unlike George he is not so forgiving as you aptly describe, he asks to be considered. Good on him, great for my learning. When I was asked if I wanted to have Apreeto, he was 5000km away. I connected with him asking him if he wanted to do the big trip and come to live with me. He said that he will but I would need to learn to match his energy. So here we go Anna Marciniak, it is my call.

I feel lighter in my body and I think I also have reshaped somehow. In general I like my body better and even start to love it somehow. It is a great loyal body, I always knew that, it is very strong and allows me to do a lot of things. I often thank it.

I will look at the courses you suggested. I must admit I am hooked now. 

Anna Marciniak How beautifully said: “it’s a great loyal body” – yes, it is your best friend that fulfills all your desires  And how beautiful to see how your journey with Apreeto points you towards work with the Energy. I introduce energy through Calmness, and therefore it is called NA. You can find it in the old hindu scripts under the word prana – breathing. It is a misunderstanding in translations tho, it was PRA-NA – energy being the reason for breathing, subtle energy that feeds everything that is, manifested as the movements of the lungs that allow us to breathe. In the Energy class we harness this energy so we can experience it, but not through control or force (like yoga or normal horse training does) but through understanding and Calmness. You can see that the more clamness you have the more this life force can flow through you, and the more awarely, again also through Calmness, you can steer it. It has healing and bringining alive (bringing more of this subtle energy into your body) properties.

Petra Webstein Thank you Anna Marciniak I like what you are saying. I felt the energy that moves the world, that moves the lungs as you refer to, it is a beautiful energy and feels endless. Yes, the more calmness is in the body the more it can flow though me. I am looking forward to allow more of it coming into my life.