Hello dear Anna Marciniak

I hope you had a wonderful break with beautiful insights 

This is another following up video where I try to take breaks when George points to it. However I am not sure if we are on the right track. George seems to be more interested in the treats (carrots) and he of course always likes his massages. Apreeto was just outside of the area that I roped off, so towards the end I included him as well stepping outside of the rope and playing with him. Hetoo seems to be very interested in the carrots only, he also lifts his front feet in order to receive a carrot. 

I must say though that both guys are slightly limping, George on his front left foot and Apreeto on his hind left foot as he did something to it that caused a swelling at the fetlock.

I am curious to hear what your insights are, Anna    Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, I am happy that you actually mention it, since I already wrote about it to you in the previous (earlier) video. You can see some misconception appearing here, to what I feel and see George is not interested in the treats, he is just pointing at them to show you where your focus is lying and that you use them to very subtly but still make him do things for you. Use them as thank you gifts ❤️ I promise you will see the change :P) I love rolling on the ground ‼️😍 Use every action that comes to you spontaneously and observe how it affects your horse, if he seems not impressed – try to be more truthful and authentic in what you do, whenever you see he COMES AND PAYS ATTENTION – STOP, come to him, and thank him for showing you that something shifted in you. Please post the new video accordingly to this very important suggestion and tip from my side. When George comes for cuddling/massage – cuddle and massage and then ROLL the feeling it gives you into the movement together Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, thank you I had a lot to look at and read this morning from your comments while my latest video was already uploading, so you will see that before I will do the next one with George taking your suggestions into the exercise. Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, we had big fires and then torrential rains then internet outage here last week, so we did not do much but managing the space. However, I did do the exercise with George as you suggested but it happened without a camera in place. Iprepared by consciously looking at all my horses much more, looking into their eyes. When I then did the exercise with George, he was so happy and we spent a lot of time walking, playing, giving gifts and I felt very happy. And so did George, quality time with me, he followed me around after this and did not want to let me go. Thank you for your pointers Anna MarciniakAnna MarciniakPetra Webstein I am so sorry to hear about the horrific siutation around your area, and I feel my heart is full to know that everything is fine with you and the horses ❤️❤️❤️ are you ready to commit to the class now or do you guys need some more off?   Petra WebsteinAnna Marciniak Hello Anna Marciniak we are ready again to proceed. Fires come and go, one will never know. Thank you for asking Anna Marciniak<3