Hello dear Anna Marciniak

Here is finally the video with George. He is wonderful and quick to engage when he finds that someone is innocent and joyful. In this session he told me very clearly that I am trying too hard and that I could find more joy in my body. Lately he seems to want to follow me around a lot throughout the day, he comes and looks through my front door to see if I sit in the office. And since a long time I have a feeling that he is feeling well and is enjoying himself.

For me, i find a lot more pain is surfacing in my body even though I do a lot of BodyMarc. The tiredness is back again and it is strong. It sometimes leaves me with a feeling of uneasiness but I trust it is part of the process.

I discovered that I do not communicate well. I keep things close to my chest (my chest is hurting) and do not let people or animals come too close to me. I find I would like to share my space more without getting overrun and taken advantage of. Part of this is to clearly communicate how I feel without emotions attached and stick to what I feel and respect that within myself.

I am on my journey accompanied by you at the moment and my 3 beautiful creatures which one you call so aptly – the white angel. Apreeto sends his gratitude to you for being recognised and loved so beautifully.

Anna Marciniak Welcome after the Christmas Holidays, Petra Webstein! I hope you had a truly wonderful time 🙂 Thank you for this truly soulful message ❤️ I love to see you and George more together, more active and with less and less barriers holding-back the connection, movement and joy of being together. You can see by this improvement how many tensions you have released…and yes, of course, the more you release at the beginning the more you “discover” – it’s like starting to clean the apartment: it looks decent, but then you look into the fridge, behind the couch, at the shelves with books…and you discover more and more dust 😉 Observe in detail moments when George just shares space with you SUPPORTING you in trying to relax more, and then WHEN he comes to show you “NOW!”. Whenever he comes to you, take a break. Breathe, pet him, thank him for pointing, just like in the clicker training, at the moments when you released something. Do not move away from him at these times, rather take a Calm break, thank him and try to soak in the feeling you have at this very given moment. Do not try to understand, build rules, and seek patterns. Even if you do not understand when and why he is approaching you, allow the deeper understanding to soak in into your body. It can happen only during the moments of rest 

Petra Webstein I love your pointers Anna Marciniak, thank you very much, I am very keen to try it out!!! 

Follow up

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, here is the new approach with George trying to follow your guidance in above comment. It feels like a little improvement but I am still not sure if I am missing something when George just stays behind. Should I have made a bigger longer break for relaxation? There is 2 parts in me one saying that if I stay there nothing will move forever and another one who just would stay there “forever”. I am looking forward to your comments, thank you <3

https://www.youtube.com/embed/YAqFQhapUyAAnna Marciniak Hello dear Petra Webstein! First of all Happy New Year! 🙏🏼 May you dream big and follow your dreams fearlessly in the new year. I can see that at the beginning of the video George starts to come closer to the treat bag with his head to point to you that probably you already have some plan and idea for this session. I can also see that he asks you to pay more attention to him while you are together. You can do whatever you wish with your body and turn your attention inwards as much as you wish, but please look at him with open eyes, touch him with hands that are touching to FEEL him, and then try to use this connection and ROLL IT INTO THE WALK, looking at him if he is following you. If he is not, now I would suggest you coming back to him, thanking him for his feedback – as in saying NO to you – and then trying again. Whenever you feel it’s too much pressure, just walk away and focus purely on yourself. When you see any change in him, reflect upon what energy shift happened in yourself and come back to him to thank him for this support and feedback. Collect this feedback in your mind and use it as a suggestions on how to release tensions from yourself to have an even smoother interactions with George. I can see real progress here, in terms that now he looks at you so purposefully WAITING and WANTING you to hear him. I see that this hearing will be built much on you really LOOKING with open eyes at him, seeking moments of connection and then learning how to roll them into the movement. How to do it? BEST/WORST, Every time something New, Emotions Out and this week we will add Thanking for Saying No ❤️🙏🏼 as he so beautifully does here 🙂   Petra Webstein Wow, I really like it, thank you Anna Marciniak, I always could feel his very purposeful attention and holding of that energy but I never knew how to connect to it. I am now really looking forward to try this out with him