Dear Anna Marciniak

I realised today that I am not completely clear about this exercise: Are we looking to do ONE task but do it every time differently or are we doing all different tasks?

Today I played with Rosie. Again, I find myself in the same position with Rosie as I did with Apreeto described in the previous session when I lead him into the paddock: I had to pull on the lead robe to get her to start to walk.

Without movement, there is no possibility of variety, change or creativity. What am I doing wrong? Help!!!😣

However, later that evening there was a feeling that Rosie needs movement in order to help with the change in her feet. She does move over the property over night but not throughout the day when it is hot. I find that applying moisture to her hooves is also helping.

Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein: ONE TASK all the time differently, different emotions, different approaches, different actions, different expressions from the body. Every time something NEW 💥💥💥 If a task done this way bring you to another task, follow it, but donot change the tasks intentionally, focus rather on the approach to the task and see with curiosity, openness and a Calm heart where it has guided you 🙂 When horses have discomfort in the hooves, they will not move, because standing still makes the hooves more or less “numb” and the movement stimulate the blood circulation, therefore the pain will be perceived as bigger. However, as you so beautifully said, they need movement in order to be more healthy. Hooves are part of the blood circulation system and they have to be treated as a part of it. Sometimes even if the pain is not there, the brain can still feel it. This is the bug of the brain. The body can be pain free, but the mind will feel pain. Also, the damage done to the body is not reflecting the perception of the pain. Scientists have gathered people with knee injuries and with healthy knees (from the medical point of view) and interviewed them about the pain they feel and if they feel it. They discovered that people with bigger feeling of pain (perception of pain) DID NOT NECESSARILY had the worse knee medical condition when compared to the other participants of the test. What they discovered that people who stayed positive, smiled and expressed more TRUTS perceived pain as smaller, their feeling of pain was smaller or none even if their knees were in the worse condition. This interesting test shows how closely perception of pain is related to our perception of Life, others, and our role in the world, and of course to how much we TRUST. Nearly a year ago I have prepared a special program to re-build and re-program the neural paths in the brain to receive more stimulation without exposure to the movement, but still giving the body sensation of movement realized in full calmness. I called it BodyMarc DUO because it allows you to do BodyMarc with your horse and bring the feeling of BodyMarc into the action. To allow the brain to stop feeling the pain, body has to access as many moments of movement realized in relaxation as possible – this is the BodyMarc DUO – BodyAwareness for horses program, but here you can see that we do the same but from a different angle: we access the movement / action as many times as possible without MENTAL/EMOTIONAL tensions, we express in our movements freedom, TRUST, love and support for the Life. Researches show that being in such a state totally reprograms the whole body, up to the level of genes (it rebuilds the proteins in the DNA chains) in such a way that the body can heal faster. From the practical side: watering the hooves makes the horn softer, and this reduced the perception of discomfort; massaging the coronary band helps blood circulation, massaging eyes and ears areas reduces perception of pain and (coming back to square one) REMOVING ALL TENSIONS FROM YOUR BODY (which we do) and MIND (which we do too!) acts here like an accelerator of change as well 🙂 Do not focus on acquiring the movement, focus on approaching acquiring it – if this is your goal, your task – in as many ways as possible ❤️ but not to change anything, but to gather as many information collected in Calmness as possible and just observe it, just observe it to know. Do not do anything to change. Just observe to know ❤️

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, how wise your words are. I have noticed that when i trim Rosie I need to guide her around in order to help her “find” her feet, her brain is blocked to movement. However, out of the blue, she roams around freely, runs around and one is completely surprised that a pony like this can and will do it!!! George often goes and moves her around much to her disgust, you can feel him lifting his energy, then he trots lightly at her from behind and stretches his neck out as if he would give her a nip. She squeals and moves it is such a fun picture to look at.

Petra Webstein So, reading your answer, feeling into the question I have asked about when leading on halter and rope and the horse does not want to move with me if I can find the action of asking (even if it is stronger asking) within me that is without an emotional/mental tension (much like George makes his energy bigger and indicates a cheeky nip). So he finds the energy to move within him first as I observe him and this is the same with me actually that I have to find that clear energy within me.