Hello dear Anna Marciniak

Wow, how beautiful that video is you sent me. So I went out today to play with Apreeto. I felt a bit nervous about it. To my surprise it did flow quite nicely in the beginning but more and more Apreeto would not come walking with me, staying back. Then came the BodyMarc part. Apreeto first came over to sniff me and look for carrots but soon left. However George on the other side of the fence took an interest in me doing BodyMarc. I expected to be better connected to Apreeto after the BodyMarc but it was not so. So I kept trying but felt like giving up. Then I felt I needed to run more energy through my body, so I grabbed the whip (unfortunately somehow the camera did not capture that) and was dancing, waving the whip, swirling around and Apreeto started to move. He trotted in circles. I felt that me using some kind of object such like a whip helps me focus energy better, letting energy flow more out of my body. The aid is not really for the horse but me. Ha ha ha … 

It feels like I am keeping the energy “controlled” somehow and not flowing even though I am moving around like mad.

After the session I decided I will lead Apreeto out of the arena and bring him into the paddock where George went back to after his visit. Something different I thought. Apreeto followed me out of the arena but then stopped because I was going into an unusual direction (normally it goes to the stable for food). 

I asked and asked and waited, released some tension, asked again and finally he made a step. So I did this again but in my head I was questioning whether I would do the right thing. Finally I decided to throw the doubts out and asked using the help of the whip and a lot more energy and he came with me. As we entered the paddock I decided I will bring him to George who was grazing much further down in the paddock.

So I asked Apreeto again to start walking and he did but soon he stepped in front of me to block my movement. I changed direction, he came but blocked me again and again. I stopped and acknowledged what he was doing, asking him why he would do this. I felt he was unsure, somehow lost, so when we walked on again, I put the whip in front of us to block him stepping in front and this is how we finally ended up next to George where I released him to graze with George.

So the question arises within me if I am not clear enough in the asking / leading and how I could change that.

Here is the video… (I wish this FB upload would be faster, I often have to leave it running until the morning until I can post.)

Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein! So so so great that you are having all these beautiful experiences! I very much enjoy you flowing with your body, and to what I see you simply got tired, and therefore disconnected from the flow you are experiencing at the beginning, and then you simply HAD TO DO SOMETHING NEW (the whip) to awaken curiosity of the mind and reconnect with your body. Any means to reconnect are good, as you said: the aids are for the human, not for the horse 💪🏼❤️ This exercise is very tiring (emotionally and physically) so whenever you are loosing the flow it’s probably because it’s too long for you, therefore we need to adapt the timing more for your pair 🙂 it’s so great that you are taking the BM breaks ❤️ I believe that a lot of emotions that you are releasing, showing are leading towards expressing yourself MORE with CLARITY AND STRENGTH AND…LOVE. When we are not allowing ourselves to speak we get very mellow outside and very tensed almost aggressive inside. It’s because our voice cannot come through. All the experiences with me, in this Class and with your beautiful horses under my guidance show so beautifully clearly: time to step up, love, laugh, be open in speech and in actions, fearless – but rooted in deep love towards yourself and everyone else – everyone is on your side, Petra! You can be STRONG&LOVING – your horses want this, it’s your duty in Life to make your voice come through 🙂 but with love and in Calmness :)so it comes out like a beautiful musics, and not like a scream 

Petra Webstein This is very beautifully said Anna Marciniak, thank you. <3