#BreakingFree Method Program: 3rd Experience: EVERYTIME SOMETHING NEW  

Hello dear Petra Webstein!

It’s time for another experience of the #BreakingFree Method Class! This time we aim to awaken in you true creativity that comes from doing every time something differently, and from approaching the same concepts each time in a totally new way.

In practice, it means that I will ask you to take the very same action with your horse in as many different ways as possible. Repeating actions, or coming back to what you already experienced (even on the previous day) is strictly forbidden 😉 we want to focus purely on experiencing and exploring ALL THE POSSIBLE POSSIBILITIES, and on realizing how big is in reality our access to them. 

In this experience we are coming back to working in intervals – please set your interval timer on 3minutes of action, and 1 minutes of break schedule. 

You repeat this sequence (3 minutes of practice, 1 minutes of break) 3 times, and then you have 15minute break for BodyMarc. After that, you come back to the sequence of 3 minute practice, 1 minute break, and you repeat it 3 times.

How to open for more options?
How to awaken even bigger creativity? 


Let me know how it goes!

Example from the session with a Student:

Petra Webstein Oh wow, I love this video!!! Thank you Anna Marciniak, I feel very inspired and touched