Hello dear Anna Marciniak

There is a lot of reflecting happening at the moment and I have done some exercise just with myself without the horses. My first idea was to just causally run in the arena after sunset to move my body.

I started to do so when all of a sudden George came to mind and what he showed me and I let go of the plan and just gave permission to my body to move anyway it wanted. So my body was moving in curves and diagonals and not alongside the arena wall as it did before. My feet (i was barefoot) felt the sand between the toes and enjoyed the freedom. My legs just moved in all sorts of ways and I was just running letting my body be what it was and wanted. After 10 minutes of doing so I realised I was actually not tired and I could have gone on but somehow I felt I wanted to stop. 

So now, this belongs exactly to the task you have given me, the task being running, how is up to the body and every changing.

I will repeat this exercise tonight and it feels I will be doing it now every now and then (not initiating a routine) and then take it to the horses the following evening. Lets see what happens.

Anna Marciniak Hello dear Petra Webstein ❤️ Thank you for this update. Beautiful discoveries, you can see how much MENTAL tensions limit the physical body, and how much strength, power, stamina and JOY coming from movement the body can instantly access whenever the mental tension is gone 🙂 yes, this is the exact point I had in my heart and mind when guiding you and your horses to more and more FREE movement (free from the convictions). I am so thrilled, happy and really really moved to read that you have really experienced it and that you also experienced that such movement, such exercises ARE NOT TIRING BODY ❤️❤️❤️ what brings tiredness are the tensions ! mental tensions!

Petra Webstein Thank you Anna Marciniak, I too deeply felt the truth of my discovery and I was so happily surprised as well. 

I guess it belongs to the process, i am now experiencing lots and lots of pains in my body in particular my lower back, so much so that walking is difficult and painful. I do the specific BodyMarc exercises for the back that I have (I have 2) and they bring a short relief. I had an accident 1 year ago that involved the lower back and was sent to the gym to do strengthening exercises. Now all seems to be back again. Do you have some suggestions? Thank you Anna Marciniak