Dear Anna Marciniak

I was inspired by the video and decided I will go and meet Rosie. She has problems lifting her legs and she never ever wants to give them out to the front. So I thought this could be the experience. 

I am surprised, she actually lifted her legs by herself, I supported it but she did it by herself. 

Also, today as I woke up I thought I could do this exercise all day long with anything I do, really. Right? I am not much of a talker out loud, so this is a little challenging. 

Here is the video:

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, yesterday I was out the whole day for work but I needed to do a lot of driving. So I was focusing on my body while driving and express in noises what my body was feeling. I noticed that the verbalising of emotions was difficult, I just could not find the words, so I made “just noises”. I noticed that my body felt much more relieved at the end of the drive and my energy levels were up. 

Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein I am so happy to see and hear that you enjoy more and more the BreakingFree class experiences 😍that was our goal! If you want, you can speak out your feelings as my other student did, but its not necessary. The most important thing is to RELEASE the emotion through the body showing off how it feels, what it does to your body, and how it makes you want to act (but you block it from happening). You are allowed to show off the emotions just like a bad actor who overacts his role and gesticulates too much, or like the over-ambitious actor in the school theatre 😂 possibilities are endless, the most important thing is that you EXPRESS through the body what you truly feel in a way that will show you and others who observe you (if they do) what is the emotions you had! I can tell that Rosie enjoyed it so much ❤️ Your all horses want you to be more honest physically, and more open through the body, this beautiful exercise prepares and opens the ground for something even more important to come 🙂 you will see 🙂 I would not however practice this experience ALL DAY LONG, as it would be simply too much and the mind would start to make you THINK you do it, whereas you would be just repeating some patterns or disconnecting. To expand awareness you have to experience both: practicing with full awareness and then living a normal “thoughtless” and “shallow” (all in a positive sense!) life 

Petra Webstein You make me laugh Anna Marciniak that is so gorgeously said! I will give myself to these experiences more and more, allowing them to help me express more. Thank you kind spirit