Dear Anna Marciniak

I had a terrible night last night, I keep waking up feeling that I am not getting any air at all, it was a bit terrifying.

In the morning when I woke after the restless night, I felt so much anger within me. I did not do anything with the horses today but I did some more acting out just by myself.

I also watched the BodyMarc session that I slept through and will repeat it again tonight.

Anna Marciniak Hello dear Petra Webstein, thank you for you honesty. I will be also honest with you to honor the honesty that comes from you to me. In such situation in the night, given that it happens next time, you should CALM and thank Universe/God/HigherPower for all that you experienced on your path so far. Later you can start to gently do some light BodyMarc like squeezing the pillow with your thighs and relaxing the buttocks and then clenching the buttons and relaxing the tights between which you keep the pillow…until the sleep will hug you again 🙂 Pay no attention to this anger coming, it’s just like a plaster ungluing from your body, when the plaster stays on the body for longer when you unglue it, it pulls away with itself some hairs and skin. Be kind to yourself, take everything gently, drink lots of warm water (hot even) and eat things that make you feel light, healthy and shiny from within.

Petra Webstein Dear Anna Marciniak, thank you for your kind words. I know of these healing reactions and hence even though I was surprised at the vigorsity of how they manifested. My calming technique so far was deep belly breathing but I am more than happy to try your suggestion. I was also happy to see that movement as it indicated to me that something is shifting. Thank you for this suggestion.