Hello Petra,

Your next step is Emotions OUT Experience.

This #BreakingFree TOOL is designed especially to show you how to release emotions that may bother you or keep you feeling blocked. Anytime you feel and emotion that you start paying attention to — you meet the tension. Now, you can learn how to release this tension instead of controlling it, suppressing it, or just trying to talk it over.

This experience is based on ALLOWING (you probably see this pattern already, we always ALLOW things to come, we never suppress them — but we allow them to be expressed, to express themselves and we observe them in Calmness) THE EMOTION TO COME and EXPRESSING it on the outside of you, with the help of your whole body: You can use your hands and gesticulate, you can use your feet and pretend that you kick a door or a chair, you can pretend that you pull your hair out, you can verbalize your emotion by speaking out or screaming out — the rule is one: at all times you are Calm, quiet and observant in your heart. It’s only your body that expresses it’s feelings, you just observe. 

Allow your body to express all the emotions through the actions that you normally take when you feel this emotion or that you remember other people taking or you expect that someone who feels this way would react. Overdo things. Overact it. Be like the worst (😉 in a positive way!) actor in the school theatre. Act it out in a funny and big way. As if you were playing a game in which your team has to guess which emotion you are picturing with your body. Act like you want your team to win!

This experience is very magical. When we do it with horses, they show so beautifully and it’s really amazing to see how quickly they connect when we have released the tension we had. Please read my #BreakingFree Student’s testimony:

“Had an amazing experience today and although I will never make an actor! I will tell you about it! I took the camera to record as usual but had forgotten the mount so I decided that it wasn’t important and put the camera away. I went into the arena with the intention of just doing BodyMarc with my horse rather than before the session as usual. I was just getting calm and he was calming too, when one of the livery ponies ran through an open gate and caused a lot of commotion. My horse immediately ran to the fence to see / listen to what was going on. He became quiet alert and on edge. I noticed that I too became tense and frustrated and annoyed that we had been disturbed AGAIN! Then I remembered about the acting. I calmed the best I could and then started to wave my arms around and say things like ‘OMG’ ‘My session is ruined’ ‘This is a waste of time’ etc. My horse immediately came to investigate, and follow me around the arena. The amazing thing was that he was more relaxed than normal and was walking around the scary side of the arena in the same relaxed fashion. The connection felt like 100%! I then acted the ‘It’s O.K.’ ‘Being disturbed is not a problem’, ’Everything is nice’ etc. and guess what — no change in my horse! We walked a few changes of direction in complete calmness as well. All this just came from nowhere and hit me in the face! Also no treats in sight!”

You can see how powerful are the BreakingFree TOOLS that you have now. Now, it’s time to use them. No further reading can help. No thinking will bring the change. You have to act, connect and then enjoy the sweetness of releasing the tensions 🙂

Remember to keep things light, funny and FUN!
Remember about taking breaks, this experience has no time frames, you will simply feel when the emotion left your body and no further need to express it will be felt. Listen to your body, keep things casual, light and happy. Ask horses for help, but keep it easy and light for them too! 🙂


Petra Webstein Digesting this task at the moment, thank you Anna Marciniak, I might need to come back to you with a question.  PS: I notice that I am starting to allow myself more of what I am desiring.

Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, so we are not using the interval timer anymore with this exercise?

Anna Marciniak No, whenever you feel an emotion you take it out and continue taking it out with actions of the body until you feel calmer or simply like laughing out of yourself 😉 you can beautifully observe it in the attached video. We will come to the intervals with the next exercise