Hello dear Anna Marciniak

Today I repeated the task from yesterday. Apreeto was ready to go into the arena, he was waiting and George decided he needed to be there too. 

It was a very interesting exercise, similar but different from yesterday. I felt so tired yesterday after the exercise and today everything fell apart really quickly.

So here is the video from today. I feel something has shifted. Feeling I want to let go of making my life so hard all the time. Opening up for possibilities and new perspectives. 🦋   Petra Webstein I m looking forward to your comments and new exercises <3   Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein<3 what a beautiful, powerful and opening realization: Life doesn’t have to be hard, and you do not need to make it harder. I love seeing how horses are getting more and more engaged in the process as well. You can so beautifully see that the more we touch things that are REAL – the more they can engage. It’s very important for you to look into your body with openness and lightness. Vomiting is very often a sign of releasing toxins and stress from the body, but also be open to, if needed, go to see a doctor and maybe run some routine body examinations. Not because we are worried but because we are open and responsible 🙂 and with the same responsibility and openness we look into our horses bodies as we look into our own bodies. As I told you at the beginning, acting through the body and expressing things through the body for you is ESPECIALLY important. I love to see already how much tension was released from the body of the horses as well, without you even working with them. They both look SO MUCH BETTER!!! WOW! Idea for the next session is to find something that feels challenging for you, and guiding it through the BEST / WORST phases with the biggest possible lightness. Find the most difficult moment of this experience and come back to it tomorrow (today) with the idea that you only seek lightness and relaxation, and that you take this action (tension) to relax your whole body and mind even more and even better. Let me know how it goes!   Petra Webstein I am so happy that I am walking this path with you Anna Marciniak.<3 👣 I am not afraid of the emotions really, I am afraid of expressing them. The voting was releasing a lot of emotions and I feel better for it. I was never able to vomit, my whole life, I’d rather digest even though it was not good for me. In contrary my daughter, she vomits the second something hits her stomach that does not suit. I always admired her for that. 

I am curious how everything will unfold and the next exercise brings into awareness. 🙂