Dear Anna Marciniak

Today I had a friend visiting and I asked her to take the movie for me as this would allow me to focus more on the horses. 

The horses were all together so I had the freedom to go and visit them and while I stood amongst them feeling into which one would want to work with me today.

It was George. How delightful. I was almost bursting for happiness. I love how he moves, I love when I feel him feeling into me and we all of a sudden are matching the steps. I wish to do so much more magic with him. 

I made a particular observation today. There was this moment … again and over and over still …. where I WANTED to achieve an outcome and the stress of this wanting was rising while leading/walking with George. Instantly my stomach turned very sour.

Here is the video. I feel quite happy about the session today.

Petra Webstein PS: Anna, there is a lot of energy going through at the moment, I feel tired and feel that I would like to have a break tonight with videoing and the horses unless they request something when I go out to give them their dinner. 😴       Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, great that you had help and could focus more on you and not on videoing. The scenery looks beautiful and magical ❤️

You can see that once you released tension coming from that YOU HAVE TO WORK with all the horses, and decided to stick to Rosie – one of the boys could join you! GREAT! You can already see how the process works 🙂 Choosing worst creates release, release creates space, in space new experiences can happen! I love the lightness and happiness of the WORST phases, and grooming and cuddling during the breaks. I also love thew moment when you decide to take the fly-mask off and rush off to race 😍😍😍 BRILLIANT! 

When you are well rested and ready to continue, please come back to the SAME EXPERIENCE as here but this time try to focus on ACHIEVING THE OUTCOME (which is transition to trot from walk) in the BEST and then in the WORST way. 

Do not escape or worry about the tensions coming up on the surface and of you noticing them, do not worry about rushing, loosing yourself, drifting away. Enjoy it all. Enjoy even the shrunken stomach, because soon it will go away and you will come back to these memories with a smile and a note of nostalgia 😉 Enjoy everything and seek in everything lightness, fun and possibility to express more and more things directly through your body, not through the mind. Whenever you see that you start to analyze, think, or drift away – start singing and acting through the body in whatever way comes to you, OK?! ❤️ The video I have for you will show you what I mean 🙂Love  · Reply ·  1  · 7 November 2017 at 06:15Remove

Petra Webstein

Petra Webstein Thank you Anna Marciniak, so happy to receive your words and feel the I am making progress. I do feel a bit different in my body and there is movement in my stomach and intestines as well. I am starting to enjoy the process more and more. So thank you Anna Marciniakfor being such a great guide!!! <3
I am looking forward to do the next exercise. Hopefully today towards the evening if it cools down. We have 36 degrees at the moment.