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Again I started out with Rosie after I did some big trim on her, the boys did not show up, however Apreeto did but just on the outside of the arena. 





The interesting and surprising thing today was that Apreeto allowed me for the first time to touch his penis. I felt a big bean inside it and Apreeto allowed me to take it out for him, all in liberty. I can do this with George easily but Apreeto being newish to us did not wanted to be touched much at all and definitely not wanted to be groomed. So this is a big thing for him to allow me to do that.





I felt a little more relaxed to do the exercises and manage all the equipment today. Here is the video showing us together.🤔



Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein! SO GREAT to see your video and interactions with Apreeto! I very much LIKE the WORST phase 😉 I see you started to take some really new and inspiring actions, and I can see that your body takes pleasure from them. The more you will be connected with your body, the bigger access (figuratively and literally) you will have to the bodies of your horses. Glimpses of this you experienced beautifully today. It will also, with time, support you in being able to help your horses MORE EFFECTIVELY with the body issues and health issues they have now. You too will be better feeling in your own body, so they will not have to support you, but will be able to focus on themselves. We want that :)Please let me know what each phase gave your body? How did exercises feel? When you felt most easiness? How entering the BEST phase felt when from the WORST phase and vice versa? ❤️❤️❤️   LoveShow More Reactions  · Reply ·  1  · 5 November 2017 at 04:59Remove





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Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, before I even started to set everything up (camera, timer, determining camera angle etc) I decided I will accept what comes my way, not being so tight about it wanting everything perfect!
Since I just trimmed Rosie, I took her with me into the arena hoping the boys would join which they normally always did. So nothing!!! 
Ok, I decided to do the exercise with Rosie only. She is the one that moves the least really and has her very own ideas about where and when she moves. So, I had a giggle as I had this idea suddenly in my head that I might do the rest of this course with Rosie only!!! Ha ha ha because the boys are not interested.





I entered into the exercise with hesitation as I did not know what to expect. Then I shrug it off and Rosie walked a little with me. Then she decided to stop before the segment was finished and I felt a little lost. The relaxing phase I used to just look into nature. Then in the Worst phase I did not know what to do, so I laid down next to Rosie and did some BodyMarc. She watched me with interest.





I am noticing what is happening is that whenever I am with my horses or people my attention point goes away from me towards the other party. In particular Rosie taught me that because she hates that kind of energy and flicks her ears back, and is also ready to kick if people are too overwhelming to her. So I sort of noticed that with her. 





The boys have a strong feeling for freedom and do not like that either in particular Apreeto. So I watch myself and then withdraw from them trying to find an anchor point within me … which is the body. My body.





So the changing to the WORST phase often lease me with a feeling of relief, a sense of freedom arising however also a what do I do now with myself question in the space. 
The changing into the BEST phase usually puts a little stress, tension into my space, my ambitions awake and so does the perfectism.





Everything seems to go a little pear shaped at the moment, at least my mind thinks so. <3 But I am better in letting go of an outcome, needing to have an answer straight away, becoming calm quicker and entering the space of NOW.LikeShow More Reactions  · Reply ·  2  · 6 November 2017 at 13:06 · EditedManage





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Anna Marciniak GREAT EXPERIENCES, Petra Webstein!!! I especially love the part: “changing to the WORST phase often lease me with a feeling of relief, a sense of freedom arising” – follow this feeling, do not think what to do, but allow this feeling to act through you ❤️ in the “worst” possible way 😉 It will feel rough at the beginning, do not get discouraged, I already spoke with the student whose videos will support you and she agreed to share them with you 🙂 I am downloading them and hopefully tomorrow will be able to post!  


Petra Webstein Ha ha ha become a child again and following that innocence that is there. I am looking forward to seeing the videos.